Hi everyone and a huge warm welcome to all the new subscribers who’ve joined us since the last Mewsletter went out.  Boy, have we got a packed issue for you so pull up a pew, get a mulled wine (or in my case – a cappuccino!), get the cat(s) and enjoy this bumper Christmas issue.

No time for chit chat – ON WITH THE MEWS!!

RESERVOIR CATS: True stories and cat’s eye views from Squirt is free on Kindle from 26 – 30th December. You’ve read Squirt’s Scribblings and his Agony Uncle column – you know he’s a cat with his own hilarious particular way of looking at the world.  If you haven’t bought his book yet, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!

Here’s the link:  http://viewBook.at/B00FPLEMTO 


The winning story, Carlo’s Christmas written by Lynn Schiffhorst is now on the Home Page.

Just go to www.thedailymews.com and scroll down a little way – you’ll see it under ‘Pauline’s Message’ and it is really a beautiful story.  Well done, Lynn.*

This can now be found in Lynn's own section of the website on this link:

Carlo's Christmas 

My thanks to Jem Vanston for trawling the Internet looking for illustrations for me – saved me hours of work – thank you very much!

Danny Boag’s story merited a mention from the judges so his story is included here also:

What a cat wants for Christmas

And finally, Sue Fallon’s story about the Fallon Felines saving Christmas also deserves publishing here.

How seven cats saved Christmas

Petal Knee’s poem: Kitty’s Christmas Dinner won the Christmas short story/poem competition for 2014. It’s a worthy winner.

Kitty’s Christmas Dinner


I’m thrilled to introduce the first of four new columns this month (see how I’m spoiling you for Christmas!)

15catsandmeowing started life as a blog by Ellen Pilch who also wrote the book review this month (see below). This is the introduction to what we’re hoping will be an ongoing look at Ellen’s life with 15 cats and a very tolerant husband!!

Introduction to 15 cats and meowing



I’m still in awe of all that Dezi and Lexi do for their Mommy Audra to help make her life more bearable and you will love their Christmas message to you:

Love freely given


Bilbo’s Buzz is the second of our new columns this month, written by young Bilbo who is just starting out on his life as a feline columnist.  He follows in the legendary pawprints of Tigger – the Cosmopolitan Cat who travelled the world, so he’s a little nervous at the moment.  Please give him plenty of encouragement and we’ll have the makings of a fine feline thinker.

Making a brave new start

Susanne Haywood who wrote The Memoirs of Tigger: a Cosmopolitan Cat has written a little piece about how it came to be.

The story behind ‘The Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat


Ellen Pilch from Massachusetts has reviewed another book which I think is just perfect for a stocking filler:

The Cat that God Sent by Jim Kraus


Carol has been very industrious just recently.  In between writing the chapters for Teddie Tumpkins, she’s written a couple of new Christmas stories which I know you’ll love.

The Christmas Bird

Sugar Mice


California-based no-kill Maine Coon Adoptions doesn’t turn any kitty away but has an affinity with Maine Coons. Read what Debbie Suslow has to say about the work they do:

Maine Coon Adoptions

Legend has it that Maine Coons were transported to America during the French Revolution by Marie Antoinette when she was trying to flee the country and wanted to bring her feline friends with her. 


Here is the third new column for you to enjoy.  Casey has been badgering me for his own space to air his views, news, and chews so here it is.  His first outpouring is the witnessing of a dreadful crime:

The Monster Gobbler

In the second, he has a new job:

‘I’m a doorbell’


I think most people can relate to Ed’s poem of woe about his long suffering wife and a determined cat who wants to help decorate the tree!

Kitty Cat Christmas


Did Biskit have a catnip induced dream? The latest from Hol ‘n’ Daisy – channelled by our late, great, feline reporter, Jimmy – as told by Biskit!

Just good friends – an unexpected tail …


Here is a little vignette of the characters from Jem’s book, ‘A Cat called Dog’ as they celebrate Christmas in their own style.

A Cat Called Dog at Christmas


Tasting Snowflakes is the latest, beautifully written story by Jim of when he and Butchy – his dog – were 15 years of age.  I always get hungry when I read Jim’s stories because he always recounts his mother’s preparations for special family meals and I could taste the Italian flavours!!!

Tasting Snowflakes


Here’s John’s lovely Christmas story which will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside:

The cat that found love at Christmas


Here’s another poem that Petal wrote:

Angelic Gift


Squirt’s Christmas message last year was very well received and I know you’re going to love this really wonderful Christmas story he’s written for you this year.

A festive feline tale


Here’s a story I put together one rainy afternoon; I hope you enjoy it.

Landing on all four paws

Frances Gillotti’s amazing illustrations really make our stories come to life; not only did she illustrate Jem’s, Squirt’s and my stories, but she found time to illustrate the latest chapter of Teddie Tumpkins too.  She’s an absolute star!  


What does Teddie get up to in this chapter? He has to pass an unusual initiation ceremony…

Chapter 4: Perch, Pollock and Plaice


Here’s the last of the new columns that I’m giving you for Christmas! For those of you who love Downton Abbey and are feeling blue because it is off our screens now (apart from the Christmas Special) until next year, I have something to take its place.

The irrepressible Carol Lake has written about life in Gripewaters Towers with a huge cast of wonderfully eccentric characters presided over by Prince Clarence Clutterbuck, of Sozzlebury the moth-eaten flea-ridden cat who tries to keep the shenanigans of Skrowte the Manservant under control.

Toff Cat


Finally, please remember that most of the Christmas bits and pieces – mistletoe, lilies, poinsettias, Christmas tree needles, baubles, tinsel and most of the rich food we eat – are poisonous to cats (and dogs) so do be careful to keep them out of the way of your pets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your bumper issue of the Mewsletter with all the Christmas stories. There may be a Scratching Post out in mid-January but the next major update on the website (with a Mewsletter) will be towards the end of January.  My team of illustrious writers – not to mention Frances Gillotti our new illustrator – and I are all exhausted and need a bit of a break.   

Till then, Casey, Lawrence and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and purr-filled blessings throughout 2015.

With love

Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey – Assistant to the Editor in Chief but walking around with a pencil behind his ear for any future ‘scoops’.  


A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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