Travelogues and holiday mogs

Carol Lake is a serial cruiser; she goes on a couple of cruises each year and in each port of call, with her pockets lined to the gunnels with cat kibbles, she looks for any stray feline who seems down on his luck.  Having done her research prior to leaving for the cruise, she knows just where to find any animal charity shop and where the colonies are hiding.

This section will see Carol's 'travelogues' and 'holiday mogs' stories.   Here's her words:


Like most people, I look forward to and enjoy my holidays, be it a week or fortnight in a hotel or apartment, a bus trip or a cruise whereby I spend a day in a different port each day.

The first thing that I always pack is a carton of cat kibbles and inevitably I will stumble upon a stray cat, or one will actively seek me out for a bit of fuss and food. Sometimes in resort if mugged – or should that be ‘mogged’ by several cats and their kittens, I will either buy some cat food, or packs of ham or cheese from a local supermarket or even take some bacon rind scraps etc., after breakfast so that when they come and greet me each day I have something for them to make their day too!

I often wonder what happens to these ‘holiday romances’ after I have gone home, but clearly I have just been another in a line of tourists who have fallen for the charms of the local strays and no doubt the next plane, bus or ship will bring another soft touch who will fill their tummies for them!

So, I thought I would set up a Moggy–Logue or Travelogue of places where I have encountered some feline attention, or where I have found some strays in need of a bit of a good feed, or even just a feline character who has made the holiday with his presence. It would be good if The Daily Mews’ readers could also add their own experiences to it so that myself and others can either seek out these characters if they go to the same place, or put details and photos of new  furry friends they have met in other places so that you'll know what, or who, to expect when you get to your destination.

It’s set up by country, then resort/hotel with pictures and notes about the cats and where to find them and hopefully it’s a bit of fun and a distraction for the visitor and a tasty treat for the resident cats!!





Display # 
Title Published Date Author
Valencia 12 November 2018 Written by Carol Lake
Dubrovnik Old Town 20 September 2018 Written by Carol Lake
Sicilian Cats? 10 July 2018 Written by Carol Turner
The Funchal Furball - Madeira 10 October 2015 Written by Carol Lake
The Ark, Corfu Town 29 November 2014 Written by Carol Lake

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)