Gloria Lauris

Gloria LaurisGloria Lauris is an emerging Canadian author and writes creative fiction and nonfiction from her home in Ottawa, ON Canada. She has an MA in Sociology and BA in Art History and is a retired government policy analyst and economist. She is widowed and has one adult son who works in cybersecurity. Gloria has travelled through over 50 countries and has lived across Canada and in three countries overseas (in the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia). She loves reading, gardening, cooking, and volunteering. Gloria has a passion for animals and is a long-time animal welfare supporter, especially cats, which she has fostered and assisted both in Canada and overseas. 

Her most recent publications include: "Arthur's Odyssey" (The Daily Mews), “The Philippines is a Rice Place to Live” (Story House Magazine); “Nice Rice” (Stepping Stones); “Egyptian Cat Hero” (Honeyguide); “The Case of the Missing Nuts," with Allan E. Carty (Cloud Lake Literary), and a Reader’s Digest article in More of Our Canada, featuring an article on her father who was a WWII veteran.  

Facebook: gloria.lauris; website: .

Backyard Buddies Badventure Series, with co-author Allan E. Carty. Available on Amazon worldwide in Kindle or paperback. 

Badventure is a bad adventure that eventually turns out alright. Humorous fictional children's stories about wild animals often found in Canada.  Through the adventures of Chippy the Chipmunk, Dash the Red Squirrel and their backyard buddies, readers learn the importance of friendship, fairness and the value of giving others a chance. 

Here is a link to the first book in the series: Hey! Where's My Nuts?

Their latest and fourth book in the series, A Forest of Troubles, is expected Summer 2022.



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Title Published Date Author
Arthur's Eye Surgery 27 June 2022 Written by Gloria Lauris
Arthur's Dental Dilemma 06 April 2022 Written by Gloria Lauris
Arthur's Odyssey 03 February 2022 Written by Gloria Lauris

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure