Hi everyone and a mega huge welcome to all the new subscribers who made it to the oasis of the Daily Mews kitchen/diner – a welcome respite from the intense heat that the UK is currently experiencing.

I spent a very interesting day on Saturday 19th July at a Cat Psychology course run by a great friend of mine, Jackie Murphy. Covering a wide range of diverse and informative issues concerning cat behaviour I did actually learn quite a few things that I didn’t know already! I also made some new friends, one of whom has a cattery ’The Cherry Tree Cattery’ which I’m hoping to write a review about for a future issue of the Mewsletter – so watch this space.

You can contact Jackie via her Facebook page on anything to do with cat and dog behavioural issues and other feline/canine things as well.


A number of articles this month actually have a recurring theme – it was unintentional, not planned – but the way the Great Cat works, I’m sure, is to make sure that we get the message.

In Pea Horsley’s new book (see review below) she talks to animals that have passed into the spirit world. To reinforce that animals never leave us when they shrug off their earthly bodies here’s an amazing – but very short – video link that will change your perception of death for ever more. If you doubted before, you will now be certain that there is life after death.

Spirit dog 

Linda Gavitt poses an interesting question in an article she’s written about when her cat Giuseppe needed medication: do we worry about our relationship with our pets when they are sick and need us to give them medical treatment? She also says: ‘Because we love them, but can't really communicate with our animals, it is difficult to do unpleasant things to them (that usually must be done), and even harder to make amends once the situation has improved.’

Do you think if we could talk to our pets that we could ask them how best to treat them when they are ill? We automatically assume that the vet knows best when, in fact, our pets know best.  (See Linda’s story in the Cat Chat section below)

What presents do your cats bring you? Earla wrote to say that she was aware of her cat lying at her feet while she was in bed. When she got up in the morning she discovered, to her great horror, a dead rat right where her feet had been. What is the most unusual gift your cats have brought you?


I was blown away by service cats, Dezi and Lexi, and the way they care for their human mommy, Audra. They are not therapy cats, or companion cats, and they’re not doing tricks for fun. They are service cats who help Audra get through her day. They have, in the past, needed to call 911 and it’s been prearranged with the controller to send an ambulance out if they hear meowing on the phone. 

What Audra has managed to do is to train them to use the wheelchair, and a whole heap of other truly amazing things – please read this because you will look at cats with a very different viewpoint from now on.

A day in the life of service cats, Dezi and Lexi

I am hoping that we’ll hear more from Audra, Dezi and Lexi in the future.


Ed Kostro was recently inspired to write a poem based on the true story of the pit bull mix who rescued her little Chihuahua friend and carried him in her mouth. It’s an incredible story of friendship, Ed’s poem sums it up nicely:

Pit bull saves her Chihuahua friend

Sadly although the economic downtrends seems to be reversing now, people are still disposing of their pets in some tragic circumstances and situations. Ed has written another poem about ‘Dumped’.


And lastly, here’s a poem that Ed wrote concerning his involvement in the rescue of nine pups and their Mom a couple of days ago:


Ed, who has rescued many cats and dogs in recent years, told me: ‘Just a reminder that August the First is also now known as ‘Dogust the First’ the universally designated Birthday of All Rescued Dogs, since we don’t know their actual birthdays.

For the past several years, my dogs have enjoyed a Dogust the First Birthday Pool Party in our backyard. And as you can see in the enclosed picture*, our good old Tater always enjoys it the most, since he would live in our backyard Doggy Pool if he could.

PS:  We always have lots of Birthday Cake and Milkbones around here on Dogust the First.  And I insist that Rebecca sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to all of our Poopers and Beasty Boys!

*You can see Ed’s picture of Tater and the others in their Doggy Pool here on this link:

Doggy Pool

A lot of people like John Grafton’s stories about his cats and this month he has written another wonderful story; this time he has focused on Pearl.

Pearl – the Mellow Kitty


For anyone and everyone who has ever lost their beloved pet and wondered ‘what happens next?’  This is really a very well written book which can’t fail to give comfort and hope to those who are grieving the loss of their pet. And even if you aren’t, there are lots of interesting chapters on animal communication.

The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love by Pea Horsley


Has your cat (or dog) taught you anything? Have you changed course from one thing to another because you felt your cat or dog led you in that direction? Dr Anna Maria Gardner’s dog, Isis, led her to take a different path in medicine from the one she had qualified and was practicing in. Here’s her story:

Isis and my destiny


Linda Gavitt writes about the time she had to give medication to Giuseppe when he was diagnosed with irritable bowel.

When kitty needs medical care


Worms – not a pleasant subject but that’s the downside of dealing with pets: you have to take the wriggly with the cute. If your pet has access to the outdoors and is a hunter, then not only will he need to be wormed but you’ll need to do it every 2 – 3 months. Vet Joe Inglis has written a short piece about worming:

Watch out for worms


Casey may have a feline companion. Not DG who still hasn’t decided whether to move in or not, but George, a rough and ready ‘gentlecat’ of the road. He very kindly brought a legion of little friends with him – as evidenced in the bites all over my ankles.

The Casual Vacancy


Just wanted you all to see these beautiful photos that my brother, Tony, took.




Jack, who was Jimmy’s willing pupil and Food Bowl Attendant, has written a poignant piece which originally appeared in his blog. He writes about life with Jimmy – which will never be the same again:


Thank you to everyone who wrote to Jack; I know he was greatly touched by all your emails.


We were all hugely saddened by Jimmy’s sudden demise on June 12th and Squirt took it upon himself to write a letter to Jimmy’s ‘girls’ Holly and Daisy.

Letter to Hol and Daisy

Squirt is in the throes of moving house at the moment so hopefully next month we’ll hear all about the new adventures he’s been having. His mum, Moondance, is sadly, still missing but Penel has had reports of sightings of her. Traps have been set up in the hope of catching her.


Some time ago Casey received two catnip mice which were made by Felicity Olson, who lives in the UK. After some vigorous testing Casey has now written his very first review – please be gentle with him until he gets the hang of it – and you can read it here on this link:

Catnip Mice

Little Dumpty Roo has turned her paw to writing a review of a lovely surprise that came to her front door in June. Cat Hampurrs, the brain child of Kelly and Gareth, are sent to you each month full of interesting and different items with the cat most definitely in mind.

Here’s the link to Dumpty’s review:

Cat Hampurrs’

I hope to have more information on this next item in time for the next Mewsletter/Scratching Post, but for now, please check out the great pet radiator beds, all crafted and designed by Charlie Childs.


Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PetHammock

Twitter: @radpet

Do check them out because Charlie does some really great designs.

Well, that seems to be all for this month. Hopefully, we’ll be back on track for next month, with the Scratching Post going out mid-August and the next issue of the Mewsletter going out towards the end of the month. Enjoy the summer and keep safe. Remember not to leave your pets or your children in a parked car as temperatures can rise rapidly.

Until next time, keep safe and well

Love Pauline: Chief Editor

Casey: Assistant to the Chief Editor and Quality Control Surveyor

George: Food Taster and Host to Creepy Crawlies that Bite the Chief Editor’s feet and ankles! 


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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