Definition of ‘Dumped’

“To Get Rid Of,

To Simply Discard”


Far too many people in this country
Still don’t believe, that we dump pets
A woman dumped four dogs yesterday
Three were rescued, one is out there yet

This woman cruelly dumped her dogs in the woods
Others dump them on interstates, or on busy roads
Most people assume that these poor canines are ‘lost’
So many people wear blinders, and don’t want to know

The vast majority of dogs that I help rescue today, were dumped
They were cruelly discarded by their owners, like a piece of trash
Ninety percent of these canines, have no microchips or I.D. collars
Since they cannot survive out on their own, most of them don’t last

And, it is not just families that are so cruelly dumping their dogs these days
Hunters will often dump dogs in the woods, when they will not hunt anymore
Dog Fighters dump dogs that won’t fight; Puppy Mills dump over-bred mothers
Pet Stores eventually dump all of the dogs that no one is purchasing in their stores

To me, the saddest cases of Dumping, which I now hear about just about every day
Are the faithful dogs and cats of people who just leave them behind when they move
I can’t even count the number of pets that have been left behind in foreclosed houses
Most people are oblivious to Dumping, but it makes someone like me, so damned blue

My rescued dog Shadow was dumped out of someone’s van when he was just a pup
My rescued canine Highway was very cruelly dumped out on a very busy Interstate
My rescued dog Carrie was dumped and left behind in a foreclosed home for months
And I can sadly cite hundreds of cases in which America’s pets suffered similar fates

The search goes on for the fourth canine in the woods that was dumped yesterday;
Our species is the cruelest one on this planet; the ‘sanctity of life’ means little today


©June 2014, Ed Kostro

And sadly, the UK are still dumping their pets too:



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