Volunteer Rescuer Ed Kostro Reports:

AliceThis starving canine orphan was homeless, living on the grounds of a huge cemetery. I joined two fellow pet rescuers out there way back in the sub-zero days of January.... But the staff at this cemetery were heartless. They eventually kicked us off of their property. After we left, so did this homeless street orphan. She ended up on icy Lake Michigan, at its mercy.

Chicago’s Fire Department managed to get her off the ice. Their heroic rescue was even depicted on the evening news, but she panicked and escaped along the lakeshore once more. The mounting number of people concerned for her, now grew.

For the next several months, we would get calls and texts about her. She would be spotted somewhere along Chicago’s massive shoreline, but by the time that we would race out to her latest reported location, she would already be gone, and this would sadly happen time after time.

We finally got the break that we had been hoping and praying for on Sunday. She was spotted lying under a bench, next to traffic-filled Lake Shore Drive. Several of us raced to this location, wondering if she had died of starvation. But we were soon filled with joy – this homeless street orphan was still alive.

One of my fellow pet rescuers sat in the grass, tossing her bits of delectable food. She staggered to her feet, began devouring them, and came closer and closer to her. When Katie finally managed to get a leash around her neck, we were now all ecstatic. This homeless orphan was safe at last, after over seven months of very frustrating work.

And as soon as this homeless, starving, terribly afraid, street orphan was finally captured, she transformed into one of the sweetest dogs, that we have ever had the pleasure to meet. She’s now being cared for at an animal hospital, getting the medical attention that she needs
And soon, she will have the loving home that she deserves, which brings enormous joy to me.

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