Please Don’t Wait For a Media Story to Move You - America’s Homeless Pets Need Your Help, Right Now -

“The language of friendship is not words, but actions.” Henry David Thoreau


Joni and ChachiA homeless Pit Bull and a tiny injured Chihuahua
Found wandering a Savannah, Georgia street together
The Pit Bull actually carrying her tiny friend, in her mouth
Now searching for help, in the brutally hot summer weather

Periodically, the large dog places her injured friend on the ground
And now licks his wounds, attempting to ease the pain of her friend
The tiny Chihuahua, suffering from an extremely nasty eye infection
Their tremendous bond of friendship never wavering, without an end

The Animal Control Division eventually rescues these two homeless friends
The little Chihuahua’s eye has to be amputated; it is now sadly beyond repair
The story of these two inseparable canines soon receives a lot of media attention
Offers to adopt these two homeless dogs now pour in from just about everywhere

As a pet rescuer myself, I’m elated that these two dogs are being adopted together
But I also find it extremely sad that people want them because they were on T.V.
There are thousands of homeless waifs just like them, all across our vast nation
Languishing in shelters, and no one wants them; which is so damned sad to me

Two years ago, we rescued a terrified little waif running down a busy highway
His story also received national news coverage, and offers of adoption poured in
When I told the 300 people wanting to adopt now famous ‘Rags’ to go to a shelter
Many of them got extremely upset with me, even prompting some Hate Mail to begin


Please don’t wait for a homeless pet story to be plastered across your television screen;
Please go down to your local animal shelter, where so many abandoned pets are in need.


©July 2014, Ed Kostro

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