LexiWell, first I think we should introduce ourselves: My name is Laramie Alexandra, or Lexi for short. I am a 15 year old rescued Egyptian Mau and Service Cat.   My sisfur’s name is Deztinee Izabella, or Dezi for short.  She is a rescued Ragdoll and Service Cat.  Yes you heard right, we are Service Cats.  We are not Therapy cats, Companion Animals, or pets.  We do not perform tricks, we perform duties/tasks that our handler (mommy) requires to maintain independent living.  The following represents a typical day in our lives as seen through our eyes.  

Our day would start when mommy wakes up.  Overnight mommy’s medicine wears off and her bones and muscles "freeze up" and she can't move anything below her neck.  When she wakes she looks at Dezi and me lying beside her on the bed and says, "Girls, it's time to get up."  

We both stretch and then proceed to 'massage/knead' her arms and hands while lying on her legs.  The heat emitting from our bodies lying on her legs helps to "thaw" them out.  Once mommy can move her hands and arms enough to pat us on the heads, we move to her legs.  We 'massage' her legs until 'the urge' is too strong and she says, "Okay girls, let's go to the bathroom right now."  

We then both get behind mommy and push with our heads and body until she can reach the wheel-chair and pull herself in.  Then we jump into her lap and one of us drives the three of us to the bathroom.  We turn the chair on by pawing the power button and then drive the chair with our mouth on the joystick.  Once in the bathroom, we all avail ourselves of the facilities and mommy brushes her teeth and takes her pain medicine.  

Then we are off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  By this time mommy can drive herself although one of us usually drives us up to the kitchen where mommy places me on the table and Dezi gets down to get a drink and go and look out the front door that mommy opened as we pass by.  

Mommy prepares our plates and makes herself a coke and cup of coffee.  I eat my meals on the dining room table and Dezi eats in the living room right across from mommy’s 'sittin' chair.  We call it her chair because it doesn't move and that's where mommy sits until her medicines kick in, and most of the time to watch T.V. and work on the computer.

After mommy’s medicine kicks in and she can move her legs a bit, she makes a second cup of coffee.  Dezi keeps a watchful eye on her during this time as mommy could pass out at any time, but especially in the mornings when her pain levels are at their peak.  Dezi can sense that mommy is going to pass out before it happens and alerts her so that she can sit down safely.  After breakfast mommy washes up the dishes and cleans a bit.  

DeziDezi keeps a watchful eye on her during this time, and I nap.  Although I'm sleeping, I’m always at the ready.  If mommy were to pass out and hit her head or be out too long, we would have to call 911.  After mommy gets fings cleaned up and Dezi and I have had a little catnap it's time for mommy to take a shower.

Mommy gathers all the things she will need during and after her shower, and puts towels down on the toilet seat and vanity counter for Dezi and me to dry off with and then she turns on the water.  Mommy gets into the shower and Dezi and me lay down on the side of the tub.  When mommy passes out, as she always does, Dezi gets under one arm and I get under the other and together we push until mommy’s head and arms are out over the edge of the tub.  Then we sit on our towels and wait for mommy to come to and finish her shower.  Once mommy's through she dries all of us off and gets dressed and we all go sit down and relax.  Mommy opens the computer and checks all our emails and then online we go to read our friends’ blogs, reply to comments on our blog and check in with Facebook.  Then it's off to cat scouts for Dezi (online of course).

A fun filled afternoon takes us right up to dinner time.  After dinner we all sit around together and watch a bit of television and write on our blog and do some more visiting.

We also get some loving and brushing and play time with mommy.  Mommy says we’re service cats, but we're also her babies.  We work hard and we deserve to play hard.

When it's time for bed, mommy carries Dezi and me both to the bed and she crawls in around us.  We pray for all our friends and mommy prays for us and we all curl up and go to sleep and dream sweet dreams until we start all over the next day.

So that's a day in our lives.  For us it's routine and kinda boring.  But we are together and that's the most important part.  Come and see us anytime on our blog:

Deziz World: http://dezizworld.wordpress.com       

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DezizWorld

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Alexandra.Furiends

Thank you for your interest in us and for letting us tell our story.  


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra




In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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