‘BLESSING THE BRIDGE: what animals teach us about Death, Dying and Beyond’ by Rita M Reynolds is that once in a life-time book which you can’t put down while you’re reading it and feel upset when you’ve finished it.

It sounds as if it would be a sad, morbid book, doesn’t it, dealing with death and dying, but far from it. Indeed – Rita is the sensitive type of person who knows how to ease a dying pet into the next world by reassurance and love. It takes supreme love and effort on her part to be able to let go of a much loved pet, but her accounts are never sad, only encouraging and full of hope.

I learned a great deal from this book. I learned how to listen to an animal’s needs because if we listen hard enough, our pets DO let us know what they want. I learned how to communicate with animals using thoughts and pictures rather than words. Animals DO understand what we say to them, but often our thoughts tell the full, true story. If you have a pet who has an inoperable cancer and you tell it that everything will be all right but your thoughts are saying otherwise, your pet can read your thoughts and will believe them, rather than your words, so when talking to your pet, make sure your thoughts line up with what your words are saying! 

I have been practising thought communication on my own cats. It takes a while to get it right and they don’t always respond the way I hope they will but it does work – it just needs patience and practice. After all, they’re not used to me communicating with them in this way.

Rita’s book deals chapter by chapter with different aspects and she gives anecdotal evidence based on her own personal experience with her menagerie of animals. It’s a solid book which I would recommend to anyone who has pets. When the time comes for you to bid your pet farewell to cross into another world, this book will help you to not only deal with your own feelings, but to help your pet make that transition.

As Rita puts it so well: ‘Death is simply the movement of energy from one form of existence into another, much like water becoming ice, steam or vapour.’ (p. 55) How true this statement is but many of us cannot comprehend where our beloved companion animals go after they leave their earthly bodies. This book will enlighten the reader!

Available in paperback at www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com the ISBN number is 9-780939-1655384

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