Anna Marie Fritz’s clever book ‘Funny Feline Fotos’ is a delightful compilation of photographs taken by the author with contributions from friends. 

The pictures are, indeed, funny and they have been captioned as well giving insight to a cat’s thought processes and intentions.

I particularly like the front cover which has two cat’s eyes as the O’s in FOTOS with a cute little pink nose and whiskers underneath.

Anna Marie is an excellent photographer and knows her subject matter well. As all of us with cats know, and have probably experienced for ourselves, cats can be awkward to photograph. They either get up and move away from the camera because they’re bored, or they get up and walk TOWARD the camera because they want to be in on what you’re doing!

Funny Feline Fotos can be purchased in paperback at and the ISBN number is: 13:978-0-9660959-7-5

The Very Best Toy for Cats

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Stephen Baker

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