I was exploring the other day when I came across an amazing sight – it was a huge mountain range capped with snow. 


www.yessy.com/lauradummI don’t recall seeing this mountain range before on my explorations and being a naturally curious cat with kittenish tendencies, I had to find out more.

Without further ado, I began my ascent. It was hard work climbing up the particular mountain I’d chosen and no sooner had I got to the top of it, I discovered there were more of them to climb!

I didn’t let that upset me because the day was mine. I didn’t have any other pressing engagements or appointments on my ‘to do’ list so I took a deep breath and began to climb up the next mountain.

That proved to be somewhat higher than the first and I was totally exhausted. I decided to find a little nook to lie down in and take a nap. My eyes were closing and I drifted off to sleep and all I dreamt about were more mountains to climb – so that when I woke up, I was still exhausted!

What I hadn’t realised was that I’d slept for much longer than I meant to and as time was pressing on I decided that I really had to tackle the next mountain in the range before I needed to be back home in time for dinner.

Like every true explorer, and all those pioneers who had gone before me, I took another deep breath and inched my way up the next mountain. It hadn’t seemed too big at first, but as I climbed, it began to get steeper and steeper and I despaired of ever reaching the top – or of getting home in time for my dinner. 

Just as I was reaching the summit, it moved and I was sent tumbling down into the valley. When I looked up, there was Sam’s face peering down at me with a question mark etched on it. I wondered how he managed to get inside the mountain because I couldn’t see any cat flaps on the way. To my great astonishment he just got out of the mountain and disappeared – just like that – poof! – into thin air.

I was getting pretty spooked by now and thought I’d better leave mountain climbing for another day – or another year. Besides, my tummy was telling me it was time for dinner and I could hear Mum in the kitchen preparing the dishes.

I began the long tiring journey home by walking through the valley for a while until I came to another set of mountains. Wearily I started the perilous task of climbing down the steep sides of the mountains before the darkness set in all around me. I was tired. I was hungry and dinner seemed a long way off.

Then I came to a plateau and I meowed with relief. As I jumped down off the edge, I was really happy that Mum hadn’t made the bed yet and had left the duvet (quilt) all heaped up like that – it made a great mountain range and next time, I’ll have to find out what magic I need to get inside it like Sam did!’


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