My Cat Loves Me Naked by Stephanie Piro is a very funny book written and illustrated by Stephanie herself.

There are full page cartoons on one side of the page usually of a woman and her cat and a brief but funny comment on the opposite side of the page.

The very first cartoon is of a woman surrounded by cats with a caption which says: ‘If men didn’t exist … women would have a lot more cats!’

I think that’s a very fair assumption to make, don’t you?!

Stephanie has a very good website which I checked out  which is full of delicious articles and cartoons and different items available. She’s a very busy and successful lady.

You can buy her book from and

It’s available in paperback format and the ISBN numbers are:

10: 1-4022-0736-0 and

13: 978-14022-0736-5

You can also email Stephanie at I’m sure she’d love to hear your comments about her book. 

This is a sample of Stephanie's great cartoons - don't forget to check out her website:

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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