Pickles' Purrfect Plan by Carolyn YoungPickles’ Purrfect Plan by Carolyn Young is a bright, bouncy book perfect for early readers.  Written in rhyme each page is illustrated by Jo Blakeley with attention to detail that would make wonderful conversational pieces between children and their parents (or whoever is reading to them or with them).

Pickles, the cat, lives with Winne the Witch and Willie the Wizard, in a tumbledown cottage surrounded by trees. After a storm, the cottage needs even more repairs and a search for money proves fruitless.  While Winnie and Willie go to bed, Pickles has a plan.  You’ll have to read the rest of the story to see what his plan is and how it works out.

This is a perfect book to give as a Christmas present for 5 – 7-year olds. Underneath Jo’s brightly coloured illustrations, Carolyn has a message that she wants to get across to the next generation. ‘It’s a simple tale with a moral message running through it about helping others and the meaning of friendship,’ she explains. ‘It’s important to get these lessons across to children in a fun way that they can understand.’

Published by Matador in paperback and available at the usual outlets (Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble), the ISBN number is: 978-1-78901-437-2

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