Hi Everyone and a very warm welcome to all of you, and those of you who have recently subscribed. 

We have a packed issue this month so I’m not going to detain you further with my ramblings …

We have three new columnists this month and you’ll meet them all shortly.

I have two lots of very sad news to tell you.  Dumpty, our long term ‘faded film star diva’, sadly had a heart attack and died very suddenly in February.  Only the previous day, she had put paw to keyboard and was about to write an ongoing column on fighting the flab with her Maid.  Her assistant, Gabion, has kindly, though very nervously and tearfully, said he would carry on with the fight.  Dumpty was 18 years of age and prior to going to live at Tom Cat Towers (where Willi Whizkas once lived) she had been the subject of terrible cruelty.

Our second devastating loss is Floot, the Blue-eyed Cat, who lived in Thassos, Greece, with her humans, Su and Ian Wiles.  She died of natural causes but I’m not sure of her age.  Her house mate, Black Pete, was poisoned only two days before she passed away, so Su and Ian are absolutely in bits.

Please remember Carol Lake (Dumpty’s Maid) and Su and Ian Wiles (Floot and Black Pete’s’ human parents) in your prayers.  If you want to write something to them, write to me first and I’ll pass it on. 

Let’s get on with the MEWS:


Congratulations to Janette Golder (from the UK) who was first with all five correct answers.  Well done, Janette.  If you want to see the answers, please click on the link:

Book Quiz February

For this month’s quiz, send your answers to pauline@thedailymews.com by 20th April, please.

Book Quiz March/April


Surprisingly, the lovely picture of Tucker and GrayC didn’t excite many of you to enter but we do have a winner.  Congratulations to Andrew Lane, of Southampton, UK, for his winning caption.  For a look at all the entries, click on this link:

Caption Competition 64

For this month’s competition, please send your entries, not more than 5, to pauline@thedailymews.com  by 20th April. Thank you.

Caption Competition 65


Casey isn’t an overly demonstrative cat but recently he decided that being cuddled wasn’t all that bad after all.

Cuddles – the benefits


Say hello to Ceci, our newest feline writer.  You’ll find her in the Amazing Cats section (go to the Home Page, then find Articles, then Cat Chat, then Amazing Cats, and then, you’ll see Ceci’s Corner) – do take a look.  You can visit her Facebook page and befriend her.

Let me introduce myself …


Ed wrote to me last month about a little cat he’s named Harrienyet that he recently rescued.  Astonishingly, Harrienyet is Ed’s 35th animal rescue.  Here’s here story:



Fighting the Flab the Feline Way has netted a few more interested parties the first being Bumble and Jem.


Bumble has joined the swelling ranks of felines hell bent on slimming down their humans.  Read what he has to say here:

Fighting the flab the Bumble way

Here’s a little piece that Jem wrote to explain how he wrote about Bumble.

The story of Bumble …


Casey and Gibbs have been trying all sorts of shenanigans and skullduggery to help me shed the wobbles.  Here’s their latest installment:

Progress of sorts …


Denver has written an occasional article for the Mewsers’ Mewsings section before but as he now attends a weight monitoring clinic at his local veterinary surgery, I thought it prudent to give him his own column.  He has written his first (of what I hope are many) pieces about his dieting experience.

Dieting with Denver


I had a problem with a picture of Phoebe pole-dancing last month.  This has now been remedied and you can see her article – with her picture – here:

Phoebe’s weight loss tips:

Marjorie Dorfman has written a very funny piece about her cat Nero and the extraordinary lengths he went to in order to help her while she worked out.

Fit, Fat or just a cat: the story of Nero

Q.T. Penny, the first female spokescat for Simon Teakettle Ink (Canada), has written a brief account of how she keeps herself and her human, Bobbi, in trim.

Penny and Bobbi


We’ve not heard from the Fallon Felines for a while, so it was a lovely surprise when Tilly wrote to tell me about some very special ‘easy pill cat putty’ that she was able to use to take her medication.  It’s always hard to get cats to take pills so for anyone that does have difficulty, take a leaf from Tilly’s book:

Easy pill cat putty

Here is the second of our new columnists. Gabes (or Gabion Tzchugge to give him his full and proper name) has been through quite a lot recently so Casey and Gibbs thought it would be rather nice to give him his own column where he can express himself. 

Here’s Gabes first few attempts at his new column:


Gabes is 2 years old today (Sunday, 9th April) so we wish him a very happy birthday.  Here’s his first offering:

Soapbox, the teddy

There’s been lots of shenanigans going in Tom Cat Towers where Gabes lives.  He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

Secret Squirrels: Part 1


Britain has been bathed in glorious sunshine these past few days. I found Gibbs stretched out in a sun puddle and that prompted me to write this month’s home page message.  Just go to www.thedailymews.com and scroll down a little bit – and there it is! 

Under it, you’ll see a joke which Jem Vanston sent me.  Enjoy!  


Carol Turner’s tribute to Little Dumpty Roo, is very moving.  A little Himalayan Lynx, she had a tough period between her first owner’s death and Carol adopting her.

Little Dumpty Roo – 1999 - 2017

Paul and Jackie Sullivan have written a beautiful tribute to their 21 year old cat, Sammy, who sadly died last week. 

Sammy Sullivan – 1996 – April 2017

And now for our third new columnist this month: Jennifer Pulling who wrote the book ‘The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue’ which I’ll review in next month’s update, has very kindly agreed to write a regular column detailing her experience of rescuing feral cats in Sicily.


It all began with Lizzie …

Here’s a question for you: have you found that ginger cats are more affectionate than other colour ‘schemes’?  All my ginger boys knew when I wasn’t well and would cluster around me.  Casey and Gibbs aren’t fussed either way.  Tell me about your cats taking care of you and being generally affectionate.

Have a wonderful Easter and please make sure that you do not give any chocolate to your pooches or pussies; chocolate has chemicals in it which are poisonous to cats and dogs.  Just give them extra cuddles and kisses instead!

And that just about wraps it up.  My apologies for the lateness of this Mewsletter.  Health and all other things permitting, the next update will be towards the end of this month and hopefully, we’ll get back on track.

Take care


Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey – Nervously hoping there won’t be any ‘Mum-Messes’ to clear up

Gibbs – Whose found a sun puddle and is luxuriating in its warmth

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)