Hi everyone!

Gabby and Ceci eating grass I'm doing well, and enjoying playing with my foster sister, Gabby.  She is in the picture with me, eating planted grass.  Gabby lost her right eye to an untreated URI, and her right front leg to an injury.  That doesn't slow her down!  If she doesn't want to be caught, you'll have a hard time catching her.

When Dad can afford to, he TNR's the feral / community cats in our neighbourhood.  He successfully rehabilitated an orange tabby he named Ace.  Ace was recently adopted by a woman who lives in the area.  Dad recently TNR'd another orange tabby and named him Tigger, in honour of my friend Tigger, who was over 22 years old and who recently passed away.  

TiggerSometime after releasing Tigger back into the neighbourhood, Dad noticed that Tigger's eyes looked like they'd been injured in a fight.  Dad trapped Tigger and took him back to my Vet, Dr. Hanson, at the Wilcox Clinic in Groves, Texas.  Dr. Hanson advised Dad that Tigger had a condition called Bilateral Entropion.  His eyelids were turning inward, causing his eyelashes and hair to scratch his corneas.  Dad didn't realize that animals could have this, because his Dad actually had that condition, and the corrective surgery years ago.  Dr. Hanson told Dad that Tigger needed the corrective surgery as soon as possible.  A very nice woman who lives in Pennsylvania called the clinic and paid for Tigger's surgery!  

Tigger stayed at the clinic for about 10 days, so Doc could more closely monitor his recovery.  Tigger is home now, in our foster room.  Dad thinks that he must've been a pet at some point because he is too friendly to have been feral his entire life.  Tigger is a very loving and friendly cat.  Dad says that he tries to make friends with all of us, but Gabby and I still hiss at him.  Ceci and Gabby sleeping peacefully togetherTigger has already made friends with our dog Beau.  Since Gabby and Tigger are our fosters, they are available for adoption.  Dad would rather that someone local adopt them, or at least within 100 miles or so.  Exceptions can be considered.  You can find more details on my Facebook page, or message my Dad on there.  Thank you very much for visiting my page here, we'll see you next time! :)

Love Ceci

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)