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Michael Smith, US

 “I'm waiting for my human, so I can jump out and attack their leg.”
“I chose what was behind door number two and won a life supply of cat nip.”
“Momma said life is a series of doors to open. I'm starting with this one.”
“They got me again. I know I'm cute, but I wish these paparazzi would leave me alone.”

 Jamaka Petzak, US

 "Are you lookin' for the love of a lifetime?"
"Need a little sunshine in your life?"
"You can't resist me -- can you?"
"I've got what you need!"
"Your need for cuteness has met its match!"

 Andrew Lane, Southampton, UK 

"99, 100! Coming, ready or not!"
"You can only come in if you promise not to be cross that I missed the kitty litter ... again."
"No, mummy - I really DON'T want to learn how to catch mice. I like them! "
"Mummy taught me how to look appealing today - what do you think?"

Doreen Johnson Canada

“Honest! I wasn’t actually licking that butter!”
“OMG! Are they going to let that dog come in here?” 

Cheryl US 

"Aren't I just adoorable?"

 Helen Bilowus US

 "Somebody's at the door; don’t let them take me away!"


"Can I come and play?"  WINNING ENTRY 

"You do still love me, don't you?"


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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