Well sorry folks it’s been a while since my last communique, but a lot has happened since then!

Mam finally came back from visiting her Mam in the UK. She wasn’t as down as usual but she did bring a friend (Alan) of the parent’s to stay for a week! The last time he came their English cat was the only one allowed in the house and I think it came as quite a shock to see how we’d taken over!

Billy from the UK

Billy from the UK 







Actually it was quite good fun taunting him. Pete with his sharp claws and teeth who doesn’t mean to hurt humans but can’t help it. He is such a friendly cat but seemed to make a bee-line for Alan, to get on his knee and ‘DIG THOSE CLAWS IN’. Pete would stalk Alan around the garden, poor guy, he was loathe to sit down when Pete was around!!!! Hilarious, although Alan  didn’t seem to think so.

Pete sharpening his clawsPete sharpening those claws 








Then one night Alan and Dad were sitting on the sofa, Sara was wrapped around Dad’s neck as usual. Something spooked Sara, and I don’t know who jumped higher - Alan or Sara!  Hahaha. I know Sara is nervy but she seemed to be worse when Alan was here.

Sara being an acrobatSara being an acrobat








The other thing that happened that week was Mam (human), after settling back in, noticed something awful on Mam-Freda. A snake bite! I kid you not. Dad had noticed a small amount of blood on her side, which is unusual as she rarely fights, except with me! But as usual he thinks everything will be ok without him doing anything.  

Anyway, there it was on her back leg - a big blue wound which seemed to get darker and all the fur around had gone. It was about the size of a snooker ball according to Mam. So straight away Mam, the human one, had to work out how to get antibiotics into Mam-Freda. She tried the brine from a tin of tuna, evaporated milk, expensive cat food and eventually succeeded.

This struggle to give her medication went on for days. Eventually, the wound seemed to burst and after about 4 weeks has now completely gone. There are two types of snakes here. Mam-Freda was obviously bitten by a non-poisonous one which are massive. The one’s to look out for are small dark ones!

Me and Mam-FredaWell I think that’s about all for this month, I’m off to sunbathe in the garden.

Till next time


Me and Mam-Freda when she’s speaking to me


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.