last pic of Sissy with DadDad is sorry for falling behind with my news, but he's been pretty busy.  Our friend Crystal lost her foster Sissy to cancer a couple weeks ago.  Dad helped take care of Sissy too.  She was an old girl, around 11 or so, and had been rescued from living under a house.  She had suffered a botched declaw, so her feet were very painful.  She had lived outside her whole life, after being dumped.  Unfortunately, Sissy had an aggressive and advanced form of cancer.  Despite all of what she had endured, Sissy was one of the most loving cats Crystal or Dad had ever taken care of.  Dad took her to the Vet, so he could ease her suffering.  Dad stayed right with her until she passed.  Sissy was cremated and then returned to Crystal.  

Shadow just after we got herWe have two new foster kittens, Shadow and Mimi.  When they first came to us, Dad had to bottle feed them for a while.  Shadow is black and came to us after someone found her under their house.  At that time, she only weighed about 3oz! 

MimiA couple of weeks or so ago we got Mimi.  Mimi is a tiny grey tabby.  She apparently had a bad URI when her eyes were still closed, because it looks like both of her eyes are messed up.  My Vet says that she may have a little sight left in her left eye, but her right eye is pretty much lost.  She'll have another check-up soon, to determine what's the best thing to do with her upcoming surgery.  

Shadow being held down and groomed by TiggerTigger has been outstanding with Shadow and Mimi!  I don't play with them that much, but I am nice to them.  My oldest brother Tamale turned 11 years old last month, and my brother Franklin turns 4 years old next month.  If you'd like to follow my Facebook page, there are more pics and videos, and more current info.  Thank you all for your patience, and continued support, we really appreciate it.


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A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.