It was 13th March 2005 when I was passing my usual wheelie bins when I heard faint meows.  I stopped and listened, there it was again!

I located which wheelie bin it was coming from, and, as the bin was so high, I had to climb into it on top of all the rubbish! I saw a bag move. I got it immediately and climbed out of the bin. It was tied so tightly I couldn't get it open so I ripped the bag apart. Out fell 3 tiny, tiny kittens, one ginger, one grey and white and one black and white, not much bigger than mice!! They still had the umbilical cord attached. They were, at my guess, one hour old! Newborns! They were wet too, any longer in the plastic bag, they would have been dead for sure!

freddie montyclaudia

I managed to get a shoebox and put them in there to take home. I had no kitten formula so I just fed them milk through a pipette.  I had a large cat cage in the house and put them in there till I could go to the Vets. I got the formula from the Vets who told me how much to give them.

They were bottled fed every 2 hours and I had to rub their tummies with moist cotton wool so they could wee and poo!!  They had to poo! Any blockage at this stage would have been fatal. At night time, they were as good as gold, not one cry, they settled to sleep very quickly and slept throughout the night!! Lucky for me!!

In the mornings, they all fell out of the cage when I opened the cage door meowing, meowing for food!

I had 3 tiny babies totally dependent on me. It took all of my time and I loved every minute of it!!  I truly did not expect all 3 of them to survive, and after 10 days, was most surprised they were all still here. The Vet said that any one of them could die at any time.  It was extremely rare for 3 one hour old kittens to survive without their Mother. 

Weeks passed, and they grew stronger and stronger! The Vet was amazed and said what a truly wonderful job I had done at hand rearing these babies. In March of this year, 2015, they will be 10 years old!

freddie montyclaudia

Debbie Spencer, Malaga, Spain

Debbie has written a book about the three cats called 'Monty and his amazing adventures' which you can find on and in Kindle and paperback versions.

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Monty and his amazing adventures

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