Actually I guess the story actually begins with Bluey. Blue arrived on the scene when we weren’t really looking for a new head of the household.

ClaraWe had found him in a little market in Western Australia. He was all alone in his cage and when my husband spoke to him he stayed very quietly in the litter box that was placed in the back of the cage. As soon as I looked though, he trotted right over to me (of course). You see I have this flashing neon sign on my forehead that cats instantly recognize. I should have known what would happen next. I opened the cage and nestled him into my neck so, of course, I couldn’t put him BACK into the cage now could I?

Blue was a wonderful little ginger boy and we spoiled him rotten. However, when he was just a bit shy of his first birthday he became very ill and we couldn’t seem to find out what was wrong nor could we do any more than keep him comfortable. One day on his many visits to the vet, Sam (the Vet) suggested they take more blood for even more tests. Well, Bluey clung to me like a baby and I replied “No, Blue says he’s had enough!” and we went home. 

I was employed at the time and one Friday morning I had an early appointment at the office. As usual, I picked Blue up and cuddled him into my neck and shoulder. When I went to put him down he pushed very hard against me , as though he wanted me to stay home. How I wish I had because no job was worth what I found when I got home that night. Blue had walked over to his favourite place to wait for me and passed on to Rainbow Bridge. I still cry when think of that day five years ago.

Well I cried solid for two weeks until I couldn’t stand myself anymore and suggested to my husband that it would probably be good therapy to visit the local Cat Haven and “just cuddle” a poor little homeless puss. Enter Clara ...

LilyI am totally convinced that just before I arrived , Blue, (on his way to Rainbow Bridge), stopped by Clara’s cage  and told her to look up at just the right moment, because she did and my heart melted. Here was this little moggy sitting in a cage all by herself, bathing and when she looked up at me her eyes were as crossed as fingers when one is wanting good luck. You understand, of course, I was only going to cuddle her so into the cage I went. Clara wouldn’t sit on my lap but she did enjoy being stroked. I stayed a bit and then left but after a few rounds of kitty searching, I was back in her cage. Then I went outside and rang my husband and asked if I could bring a cat home. My request was met with gales of laughter and a big resounding “NO ... not unless you bring home a calico to keep her company”. Enter Lily ...

Judith Murphy, Canada



A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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