GabionIt was the night before Christmas when all through the house,

Our kitten was searching for something called ‘mouse’

He’d heard they were tasty, in fact quite divine

A welcome addition to his healthy cuisine!

So he looked on the carpet and under the chair,

But only a dusty paper ball lay there.

He looked under cushions, the duvet and bed

On a wild goose chase he thought he was being led

He looked under the twinkly tree but nothing was there

In fact under the tree it was practically bare

So he closed his eyes whilst he pondered his conundrum

He’d been told that chasing mice would be such fun.

When he awoke, stretched and stopped yawning

He looked at the snow and could see it was morning

His attention turned to the back twinkling haze

At the top of the tree he settled his gaze

The fairy on top her silver wand raised

to our kitten’s quest, she seemed unfazed.

Then down to the tree’s bottom our hero’s eyes fell

Guided by a rather peculiar smell.

As the tree glittered, twinkled and sparkled

He looked at the new pile of beautifully wrapped parcels .

He reached under the tree feeling quite bold.

He dislodged a present, towards him it rolled,

Onto the carpet right by his toes.

He bent down and sniffed it. It tingled his nose.

His paw tentatively reached out and gave it a pat.

It jingled. In fear, our kitten jumped back.

He reached out again, trepidation in his muscles

The parcel was touched, seductively it rustled.

The present was wrapped with ribbons and curls

Which, as he pulled, started to unfurl.

Then with one paw on top at the paper he clawed,

Gabion and Molly's MiceAs the present inside was revealed, more and more.

What was inside? He started to ponder

Then he stopped as his eyes filled full of wonder

Right there before him, in front of his eyes

Our kitten’s searching had revealed his prize.

During the night Santa had been to this very house

And delivered our kitten his own catnip mouse!!

Copyright ©  Carol Lake Tom Cat Towers & Daily Mews

Not to be copied without explicit permission


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