Gabion‘You’ll have a new human in time for Christmas,’ my mummy cat assured my brothers, sisters and myself after we had been born in the spring. ‘But Christmas is a long time away for kittens,’ she laughed as she groomed and loved us. ‘You’ll have a human all of your own to love you, and Christmas will be magical for you both. You’ll have a human for life and many Christmases to share together.’

We kittens didn’t know what Christmas was, but it sounded exciting, but then again the whole world was exciting to us as we started to grow up.

‘I have a new human in time for Christmas,’ each of my siblings excitedly shouted to the rest of us in autumn as they were taken away to new homes.

Other kittens too were being picked and taken away to new homes. All of them keen to trumpet the news: ‘ I have a new human in time for Christmas.’

Gabion in his cageIt was November, just after the fireworks. My brothers and sisters had been rehomed. I was in my cage with another kitten from another brood. After a couple of days, she too was taken away by a human who was giving her a home in time for Christmas. She was so excited and her human seemed so nice and so full of love, she had tears of joy in her eyes when she took her new kitten home.

So it was just me then, I sighed as I sat, whiskers drooping, at the front of the cage watching the last of the spring kittens as they were lovingly put into baskets and taken away as a cold wind blew dried leaves through the cattery.

Someone had been to see me and my heart soared, but it wasn’t to be. I had been reserved on the internet so I couldn’t go with the human who had been allowed to take me from my cage and cuddle me. It was just wonderful as I lay on my back purring and gazing deep into her brown eyes. If only for a fleeting moment, I felt loved by a human. However, I was soon put back into my cage to await my new owner from the internet. I felt all alone and sad. I just wished for another cuddle off that lady with the brown eyes.

Suddenly, my internet reserve was dropped and the lady who cuddled me came back with a basket. I now had a human in time for Christmas. I was beside myself with joy as she took me from my cage and cuddled me again. It was sheer bliss!

‘I have a human in time for Christmas,’ I loudly shouted from my basket to the others as we walked past the other little cages ‘A human all of my very own in time for Christmas.’

Gabion and DumptyI purred so loudly all the way to my new home where I was given something that until then I hadn’t had; a name. I was called Gabion Tzchugge and spent the next few weeks settling in, finding my way around and getting used to the two very elderly lady cats who were my house mates.

‘I have a human in time for Christmas’ I yelled to my feline house mates as I chased down feathers and fearlessly killed bits of paper rolled up into balls and flicked across the carpet for me. I loved my new home. I loved my new name and I just adored my new human mom. Life was just perfect

‘I have a human in time for Christmas,’ I shouted at the neighbours’ cats who came up to the patio and looked in the window at me. But I don’t think that they heard me as they ate the cat kibbles which my mom put out for blackbirds and hedgehogs.

I must have yelled, sang, chirruped and purred this all day every day. I was soooo happy and so very, very loved. But one day as I rolled round on a sprig of fresh cat nip, the thought suddenly hit me. What was Christmas?  I had a human in time for Christmas but I didn’t know what Christmas was! I had been in my new home for some weeks now but I hadn’t actually seen a Christmas. I abandoned my catnip and went in search of Christmas. I looked in cupboards and I looked behind furniture. I even looked outside the windows into the garden, but I didn’t see anything that resembled ‘Christmas’ whatever a Christmas was.

Gabion and Chav CatNo good asking the two elderly cats. One just slept the day away on the bed and ignored everything as she snored and snoozed. The other spent her days outside in the garden beating up neighbourhood cats and decimating wildlife. I had learnt to give this cat a wide berth, I could hear her growling and hissing two rooms away!!

I spent a few days pondering this 'Christmas' conundrum without any resolution and was beginning to think I was the victim of some sort of huge joke.

Then one day when it was very cold and everything outside had turned white, my new human mom didn’t go to work. Boxes were brought down from the attic and I was put into the bedroom out of harm’s way. Later that day my mom scooped me off the bed and carried me into the lounge where a sparkly tree with lights stood on a table, and presents all beautifully wrapped were placed under the tree.

Gabion and Christmas decorationsThis must be Christmas I thought as I sniffed the tree and the presents. I sat fascinated for hours as the little lights flashed on and off and tinsel twinkled in the candlelight from the glass holder on the hearth where a welcoming fire was giving out warmth. If this was Christmas then I was all for it. It was quite a spectacle.

Next day Christmas became even better as my mom helped me unwrap the presents from under the tree. They were presents for me, a new halter that meant I could start going outside into the garden under supervision from my human. Some kibbles and treats to spoil me and best of all a fabric mouse stuffed with catnip for me to roll on and go all soppy. I was just so overwhelmed. I just wished it could be Christmas every day.

In the kitchen a turkey was roasting in the oven. The two elderly lady cats who lived with me had a sort of truce as they sat side by side in front of the glass window supervising the cooking. They drooled and purred in anticipation of warm scraps. The most wonderful smell filled the kitchen. It was a lot for a young cat to take in and by the end of the afternoon I was quite exhausted.

I sat on my mom’s knee as she stroked me and hand fed me delicious little scraps of turkey. My purr was in overdrive with happiness as I cuddled up to her, my eyes starting to droop with tiredness after the excitement of the day.

‘Well, my little furry Furball,’ she asked me ‘How was your very first Christmas?’

GabionChristmas?! This really was Christmas? It was amazing, totally wonderful and the best present of all was that I had a human for Christmas who loved me very much and told me that I was her very own little Angel Gabion and we would be together as I grew up from a kitten, for years to come.

Clearly a human wasn’t just for Christmas, my human is for life!!

Carol Lake



Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens