Today after much time and treatment given Macy took a turn for the worse and went rapidly into decline and was in pain, and pacing, unable to sit, sleep, or walk right. In checking her over I realized her thyroid was pretty big. She has been on meds for this for several years, and her kidney function was just not improving.  She had stopped eating and was just suffering.

macy_in_a_sunbeamI had to decide to allow her to go and I did. My vet said it was the correct thing and correct time as she would not have recovered from the thyroid blow out or kidneys and there may have been other factors such a Pancreatic/Liver cancer which I won't know for a bit on.

Macy will rejoin all her house mates who have left since 02 and is now happy, and healthy again. 

Polydactyl_SnickersNow I am left with one cat, Snickers, who I am worried about but hope for now she can adjust without her best buddy/mom as she is only 10 and Macy mothered her as a kitten when I adopted her as well.

I was impressed with my vet centre, which specializes in cats, and the fact they gave me a box to bury her in, cut her fur for me to have and did a footprint of her on a card as well. The vet today I had never met is from England and she really was kind, loving and caring and gentle with Macy. She was very much into Main Coons and knew the breed well and I appreciated her great support and compassion. 

Macy at 17 plus came to me via rescue, and had been returned 3 times because she didn’t seem to adjust in the new homes. I am glad to all who returned her as she adjusted just fine, in short order too. It was meant for her to come and she spent 14 years as my bed time buddy. Macy gently passed hugging my arm purring her heart out.

MacyThank you to all the group who wrote me this week; this is always a great group and always such support for each other in time of need.


Macy March 1995 to May 5 2012

"In her eyes she showed me her soul, and her soul was so full of love"

Once a cat dumped and left to fend, a lil bit feral at times but eventually that all melted away to show a precious, smart, comical, clown, who had a love affair with the camera.


Rose Varga (US)

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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