When Helen (my mum) told me I was going to review something for the Daily Mews website, I was pleased. Being an elderly cat (19 human years old in 2013) hardly anyone asks for my opinion these days – thinking I’m too old, beyond it etc, - so it was with anticipation I waited for mum to return from work today.

She gave me this big orange furry carrot (its not fluffy, the fur is quite dense) and I sniffed it. Lovely! It had catnip inside. I still love catnip, such a lovely smell. It also had an impressive array of tickly feathers sticking out of the top.

I used to play with catnip toys (chasing them, tossing them in the air a bit) but with old age comes arthritis, so I just prefer to lick, nuzzle, rub my head against them and when I get too tired, I use them as a little pillow! It is soft and comfy, and my claws go in nicely.

I am puzzled though: why a carrot? A mouse or ball I can understand but a carrot?! One thing I know my mum likes about it: it is refillable. With so many catnip toys, you get one lovely lot of catnip smell, but then it wears off! With this carrot, you can re-fill it with fresh catnip (apparently you get a small canister of catnip with it, but I imagine you can buy catnip from garden centres or even grow it yourself when that runs out) so I would imagine it would be better value than with just "one sniff and you're out" toys. Mum says it is easy to refill too (there is a Velcro fastening on one side, you open up the carrot, the catnip goes in, then you just re-seal it again - Helen)

All in all, I quite like it, if you are a younger feline who still uses your toys for a bit of sport, I can recommend it, but I'm just going to use it as a nice, soft scented pillow and nuzzle toy.

3 dew claws out of 5

Mischa, 19, Torquay, UK



Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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