Reading ‘Willi Whizkas: Tall Tales and Lost Lives!’ is a bit like setting off on a ‘Boy’s Own’ adventure for cats!  

Willi Whizkas with his book!Willi and his two friends, Ginger Tompkins and Tushtots, a neglected Persian cat who was shaved of all his fur and rehomed near Willi, have lots of exciting adventures, encountering many different feline characters along the way. Thugsby, a stray alley cat; Stinker of the Yard, the Un-official Police Cat (he lives at the police station and eats the policemen's salami sandwiches), who has a nose for sniffing out clues to crimes; Britney Kitney; Gordon, Mewkus, a cat who is always sneezing and lots more – too numerous to mention here.
All the characters in this fantastic book are so credibly drawn that you’ll look at your own cats in a new way and wonder if they ever go off on adventures with their neighbourhood friends or housemates and get into the same kind of scrapes that Willi manages to find himself!
It’s a very humorous and easy to read book, which people of all ages will enjoy reading.
There are more books planned in the Willi Whizkas series and personally, I can’t wait!!!!
‘Willi Whizkas: Tall Tales and Lost Lives!’ written by Claws and Paws is published by Zymurgy Publishers ISBN 1903 506183, is available in England from Waterstones and Ottakars and also from

and in America at - on this link:


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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