Ed Kostro’s book, ‘Where the Redwing Sings’ is an extraordinary book of ‘nature inspired poems and essays, written from the heart and soul of a life-long nature, animal and wilderness lover, and dedicated to today’s children.  

The words and thoughts expressed in this book reflect both an ardent love of our natural world, and a profound sadness at its modern day demise.


‘If even one of the poems or essays written within inspires even one human being to gaze upon something in our natural world with renewed awe and wonder and respect, the author will be a most happy one.’

I read Ed’s latest book and noticed the poignant sadness on each page as he sees nature and all its beauty slowly fading from our view. Before too long, with the onset and toll of global warming and the loss of habitat to all the wild indigenous creatures that make up our world, there will be nothing left for us humans to enjoy and we will be the losers, for sure.

Ed’s fervent hope is that we teach children to respect the world they live in so that animals won’t disappear or that the only place to see them will be in zoos. We must not forget that the animals were here first; this is THEIR planet too! They graciously allow us to live alongside them but man has raped the earth and put nothing back, taking all of its beautiful bounty for himself with little regard or thought for the animals and creatures that live here.

Ed’s book made me cry – and I don’t cry often. I cried for the lost creatures and I cried for us because we have brought this sorrow upon ourselves. It isn’t too late to put things right and if everyone did just one small thing it would have the ripple on the pond effect and can help to change our world for the better. You will absolutely love this book by a favourite author and dear friend of mine.

You can buy Ed’s book from www.amazon.com in paperback. The ISBN is 978-1-60145-435-5


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