UTTERLY GORGEOUS CATS by Pam Brown lives up to its name. Every single page has a cat doing what cats do best: posing for the camera and being incredibly sweet and lovely!

Each adjacent page has a pithy one liner which reflects the cat’s pose on the opposite page. Such gems as: ‘A small cat stretches out its paw to touch your face – and you are no longer lost or lonely.’  Or ‘Cats, you must realise, have quietly taken over the world.’

‘Cats don’t see why they should waste time learning words. After all – they have no intention of obeying anyone.’


There are many wise and wonderful sayings in this sweet little book. It would make an excellent gift for someone for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary. Or buy one to keep for yourself!!!

Published in hardback by Exley, it is available from www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com

The ISBN number is: 1-84634-094-2 


The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker

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