Stuff on my cat by Mario Garza began life as a website: which came about because Mario decided his relationship with his cat, Love, was flagging. When she took naps, he started to place objects on her and as she hadn’t moved and the object remained in place, he then took photos of her which were posted on the website. The book of the same name, Stuff on my cat, was published in 2006. 

stuffonmycatUnfortunately, I really don’t think having stuff on your cat (or my cat) is very funny, and it amazes me that people DO find it hilarious to cover their cats with all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Don’t get me wrong – I do have a sense of humour, but I read through the book – which promised me I wouldn’t be able to do with a straight face – and came to the end, still without having cracked a smile.

Biggles_as_Queen_MumGarfield used to let me put a hat on him when it was his birthday and I do have a picture of Biggles doing a Queen Mother impersonation with earrings and matching necklace – but I don’t find that funny, to be honest. Garfield didn’t seem to mind wearing a birthday hat each year on his special day and Biggles posed quite happily and quite royally, it has to be said, looking every bit as regal as the Queen Mother herself used to do.

But I did draw the line at putting the kind of ‘rubbish’ that some people put on their cats – I guess it all depends on what you define as rubbish – and I find that dressing cats (and dogs) up in clothing to humanise them as totally undignified.

The book is published in paperback by Hodder and Stoughton and costs £7.99 in the UK. You can get this book from the publisher on their website at

The ISBN number is 978-0340-9099461 and 0-340 90946-3

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