OLD DOG AND THE CHRISTMAS WISH is written and illustrated by Christine Davis. The ‘blurb’ on the back cover of the book says: ‘For those of you who believe in miracles … and for those of you not quite certain.’ 

That’s a hook to get you interested! It further goes on to say: ‘It’s Christmas Eve, and an old dog lies chained to a tree, alone and forgotten. Beyond the fence something is about to happen that will awaken the strong spirit that still runs deep within his tired old bones. Whispers of a Christmas wish will reach the heavens, and suddenly anything is possible on this very special night.’

This book brought a lump to my throat – I didn’t cry but I was incredibly moved by the story line. How many dogs are left chained up outside the house in all weathers? All they want – and should have – is to be part of family life, joining in the fun and adventures of daily life, but especially at those special times of the year like Christmas.  I find it so upsetting that so many dogs have such a miserable existence like the Old Dog in the story – that’s why I had the lump in my throat.

There is something very poignant on the inside cover: ‘Something awakens in the heart of a dog when he knows that he is needed.’  How absolutely true that comment is.

The Old Dog in the story peers round the side of the fence to see the neighbour’s house with a wreath on the door and preparations being made for Christmas. And angel is watching the dog and she knows that the old dog doesn’t have much time left on earth so she asks the heavens for a special request.

Does the dog become part of the Christmas story?  What happens to him? Aha! I’m not telling! I don’t want to spoil the story – but it IS a very heart-warming tale and once again another lump came to my throat. This is the story of an old, forgotten dog, a Christmas wish, and the miraculous power of a true and loving heart.

Like Christine’s other books, the illustrations are simple; the words are poignant and in my opinion, this is a winner for people of all ages.

Available direct from Lighthearted Press Inc,

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www.lightheartedpress.com or email Christine on: davis@lightheartedpress.com

The book is in hardback and costs $12.95 plus $4.00 for postage/shipping.

The ISBN is:0-9659225-3-7

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