This enjoyable and amusing new book tells the story of a year in the life of two Siamese cats from both their viewpoints as well as that of their owner; or should that be their “Staff”?

Saffi, short for ‘Sapphire’, is an aristocratic, leggy blue point with sapphire blue eyes you could drown in.

Misa is a cute and sensual lilac-point with mesmerising and hypnotic aquamarine blue eyes.

Saffi and Misa were originally city cats, living first in Brussels and then London, but have now moved to a pretty village in the country where they have the run of a large creature-filled but cat-friendly garden.

Together they run the household, rule the garden and keep an eye on the local feathered population.

They are often bemused by the household’s humans, such as why they bring a tree indoors at Christmas-time and plant roses in January. Saffi and Misa think the phone plays a “silly tune” and also enjoy watching nature programmes on TV but can’t understand why the animals aren’t there when they look round the back of the TV.

Ingrid is a good story-teller and her cats’ ‘diaries’ are both amusing and engaging.

If you love cats then you’re sure to enjoy this book.

‘Cats Have Staff – The Saffi & Misa Diaries’ is available to download as an ‘e-Book’ from Amazon’s Kindle Store for £3.97.

(If you don't have a Kindle reader you can download a free application from the book's page on Amazon so you can read the book on your Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone).

You can also read Saffi and Misa’s latest adventures on their blog –

(Review by Paul Easton)

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