‘There are steps made of the finest gossamer, softer than our paws, which lead us into the mountains where the cool crystal air is sweet and scented with peace. It is the brush of silken petals against our whiskers. Through the mountains is a shining place where colours threaded with silver and gold wrap themselves about us and flow through us. The grass and trees shine a liquid emerald.

Massimo ‘Here and there, where the shadows fall in gentle pools of refreshment, our brethren rest. Sometimes they just visit for a while, drinking in the healing essences and they remember it as a beautiful dream when they awaken to their physical life. This is the place we find ourselves when we have left your world. These special shadowed pools are where the trees pour their love into the ground. They are sacred as they are in your world. Here, there are the Golden Ones, neither human nor wholly animal. They are balls of light, resembling the fibre glass threads manufactured in your world.

‘Oh ... and then there is She, the Great Lioness who wears a mane of light as if She carries the stars of the heavens with her. When she moves her head, light scatters all about her, like sparks from a fountain. And everywhere they touch, they heal and transform. She soothes away all memory of fear, of pain ....

‘There is a point where the light passes out of this shining place to becoming a golden slide. In an instant, at an invitation of your thought, we slide straight down into the chalice of your heart. There, we bubble up into your laughter and pour our strength into your pain. Oh ‑ we come many times. And often when we draw close to you during times of difficulty, you feel our absence the most, and weep. But, to be, close to you is our joy and as it is yours too, in disguise; for often the sudden welling up of your tears is just the realisation of our presence.’ 

Stephanie Sorrell 

(You might like to read these books written by Stephanie:

The Therapist Cat (2012)*,  Depression as a Spiritual Journey (2009), Nature as Mirror (2011) Psychosynthesis Made Easy (2011) Astral Projection Made Easy (2012)

* Click on the link to read a review of this excellent book by Stephanie. 


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