Mice by Aoife McCannThree little mice went out one day
To see what they could see
They all peeped out from their hole in the ground
Then ran behind the biggest tree

“All’s clear,” said Fred with the bowler on his head
“Follow me, but do make haste
If Tom’s about we’ll all be chased.”
So quick behind Fred they raced

When they stopped for breath near the big barn door
“I’m hungry,” said little Jim
“So’s me,” said Wilf, with his pipe between his teeth
And they looked at Fred with a grin

Fred pushed back his hat and laughed at his friends
“You think I’m the village shop
Sit down, sit down and hold out your paws
And I’ll see what I’ve got up top.”

Mice feast by Aoife McCannHe took off his hat and put it on his lap
While his two hungry pals looked on
From out of his hat, came some cheese and a map
“Well, we might get lost,” he said

They nibbled their cheese, then looked at Fred
“Any more?” they said, with a squeak
Fred dived down again and came up with some crumbs
“Now that would last me a week.” 

They all sat back with their paws upon their laps
And gave a contented sigh
One by one they closed their eyes
Lying back under a bright blue sky …….

Jim rubbed his eyes and gave a stretch
Then had a good look round
The hairs on his neck stood right on end
His heart gave a frightful pound

Just down the lane, asleep and fat
Was Tom, the farmyard cat
Jim’s nose went cold and his whiskers twitched
And he took a slow step back

Fat cat by Aoife McCannHe shook Fred’s arm and Wilf’s as well
Saying “SSSCCCHHH” as quiet as could be
They both woke up with quite a start
Then looked towards yonder tree

They gave a gasp and clutched each other
Hardly daring to breathe
Then quick as quick as quick could be
They ran like the summer breeze

After a while when hearts were still
They mopped their brows and said
“We’re safe, we’re safe, that was a fright”
Then of course they looked at Fred

Once more Fred grinned and said ‘We’re safe
And I’ll bet you’ll be pleased with me
We’ve no more to eat, but we can get home.”
And his map he produced with glee

Three mice in bed by Aoife McCannThe little mice laughed and hugged dear Fred
“So much for our ‘fun’ today
Let’s hurry home, have a nice cup of tea
Then curl up safe in bed.”  


Glenda Wombwell, Taunton, Somerset, UK

Mega huge thanks to Aoife McCann for her stunning illustrations.  You can see more of Aoife's work here:  

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Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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