What is the beautiful Sophie thinking about here? 

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Jamaka Petzak, US

“Eat your hearts out, so-called "celebs"!”

“You will NEVER be this beautiful.  Deal with it.”

“Easy, breezy, beautiful CATgirl.”

“PERFECT. And it didn't cost me a dime.”

‘Like Leo(nardo da Vinci) said, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece"’

Arlene Sphikas, US

"I hope Mom gets my order correct this time."

" They better remember to put the sauce on the side.  I must be svelte for all the holiday festivities!"

Susanne Haywood, UK

"OMC! I'm so over humans."

Dan Butler, UK

"OK, human, make with the foie gras!"

"Sophie had mastered the use of the fork, but the can opener still gave her a little trouble."

"OK, the appetiser was not bad.  Now for the mouse-aka!"

Richard Johnson, US

"Sophie took her usual place at the table, forgetting she'd already had two tins of cat food, several biccies and the tail from a clockwork mouse"

"Sophie was so full after lunch she didn't dare jump down from her seat in case she bounced."

Angela Yarwood, Australia

"Sophie didn't mind sharing the humans' table, though she still had to teach them some manners."

"What kind of breakfast bar is this?  No cat milk, and no amuse bouche! I might go next door!"

Britta, Canada

Sophie is saying...

“You think you're worthy of MY time?”
“WHERE is my Fancy Feast?? (food)”

Richard Cross, US

"Turkey dinner does not come in a can marked Purina so If you want to keep this table cloth in one piece .......” Winning entry

Judy Murphy, Canada

“Look into my eyes.......look deep into my eyes.....you will feed me sushi every day.”

Becky, US

“As I watch Mommy - I truly wonder, what flavour canned food she will open up today to surprise me?”

The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker

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