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Here are the captions:

Andrew Lane, Southampton, UK

"NO! I don't want to hear it - I am NOT going to the vet!"

"Oh boy, I shouldn't have tried that catnip.  Was it embarrassing?"

"You must be joking - no-one gets up this early after a night like that!"

"Do you think I need any more beauty sleep?"

Emily Hall (Georgia, US)

*singing "I've got the whooooole world, in my paws!"

Helen Gale, Torquay, UK

"Ok, so which Monkey am I - Hear No Evil, See No Evil or Mew No Evil?

 "It’s Yoga time! And STREEEEEEEEEETCH!"

"Iain Duncan Smith's cat reacts like his master during the Budget of July 2015" 

Becky, US

“Oh boy, another catnip toy ... love you to eternity and back.”

Diane Southern California (US)

“Oh my goodness… I have a brain freeze from eating too much ice cream!”

Arlene (US)

"Simon says, 'Paws on head!' "

Jamaka (US)

“I did NOT hear the ‘V-word’ (vet)!”

“My delicate ears are offended by your yelling!  Please stop!”

“Puh-LEEZ!  I am too young to hear such things!”

“Quick, turn the fan off!  My poor cold ears!”

“Sleeping. Do NOT disturb!”

Jody Tucker (US)

"I'm too sexy for my shirt!”

Vicky Corraro, Ohio, US

“Ohhhhhh . . . my head. I’ll never touch nip again!”

“What do you think, just a little nip and tuck and I’ll look just like a Siamese.”

“Nooooooooo! Not another episode of the Dog Whisperer.”  Winning Entry

Helen Bilowus, US

“Not tonight, Tom; I have a headache!”

Nancy Breedlove US

Chapy says:

"Oh the noise!  Can someone PLEASE turn down the volume - I'm overdue for my 7th nap of the day.”

Jim Willis, US

“I live in Greece. Can you believe our prime minister! “ Special mention for topicality

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Here is his story (10 facts):


A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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