The Blue Cross is the oldest of Britain’s great animal charities. It was founded in 1897 and called ‘Our Dumb Friends’ League’. Throughout the years its focus has changed to meet the animal welfare needs of each generation.

In the early years, the welfare problems faced by the many working horses in London were of particular concern.

In the Great War (1914-1918) The Blue Cross helped to relieve the suffering of the horses used at the front, and during the Second World War (1913-1945) the charity provided refuge to animals made homeless by the Blitz.

In 1950 Our Dumb Friends’ League became officially known as The Blue Cross.

The Blue Cross aims to ensure the welfare of companion animals by providing practical care, highlighting the benefits of companionship between animals and people, and promoting responsibility towards animals in the community.

The Blue Cross exists to:

v  Treat the animals of owners who cannot afford private veterinary services

v  Find permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned animals

v  Educate the public in responsible animal ownership

v  Ensure that all engaged with The Blue Cross, whether animals or people, receive courteous, friendly and high quality service. 

Today’s Blue Cross plays a vital role in promoting the principles of responsible pet ownership and providing direct support to needy animals and their owners.

Companion animal welfare

Equine welfare

Veterinary work

Communication work

Fundraising work


To find out more about The Blue Cross and how you can get involved or help out in some way, please go to:

Tea Party on Friday 9th May 2014

DaphneHolding a tea party raises crucial funds to help pets in crisis like Daphne, who was found in a dumped sofa on a housing estate with her two brothers. A caring member of the public rescued them after hearing pitiful meowing coming from inside the sofa.
The kittens were hand-reared around the clock by our dedicated team until they were old enough to stand on their own four paws. After the start they had in life, they deserve the best future possible, and we made sure they got it.

You can help animals like Daphne simply by joining us and holding your own Tea Party. It’s easy, it’s fun and all you need to do is click here and we will send you a free host pack giving you everything you need to help raise money for animals like Daphne. We’ve set the date Friday 9 May – but don’t worry – please hold yours when it suits you, your friends, family and work colleagues.

So stop and Paws for Tea - and a cheeky piece of cake, or two. 

Register today for hints and tips on holding a great tea party.


Blue Cross Tea Party team



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