The Newcastle dog and cat shelter in the North East of England is a private registered charity which has cared for animals since 1896.

They are based on two sites in Newcastle, (Claremont Road and Bentham North Farm) and they take in an astonishing 3,000 animals each year. Their main aim is to reunite lost animals with their owners and where that may not be possible, to look after the animals until a new loving home can be found for them.

They provide veterinary treatment and special care for injured, abused, neglected and sick animals. They have a dedicated team of staff who care for the animals on a daily basis and a team of volunteers who assist with dog walking, cat cuddling, fund raising and more.

Their objective is to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals.

They have a cattery and kennels at the Bentham North Farm site; the funds of boarding goes to help the unwanted animals in their two shelters.

Throughout the year they run many events like the May Funday, Kids Holiday Workshops, Santa's Grotto, Halloween parties, and Easter Egg Runs. All these events help to raise awareness of the charity as well as raising funds towards the care of their animals. 

At the moment they urgently need tinned puppy and kitten food and all donations are gratefully accepted.

Please go to their website and see if there are any ways in which you can help this worthwhile and worthy charity which has been open for 113 years.








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