SIR MEWSALOT the Sealpoint Siamese resolves:

1. To stop blaming his humans for the deaths of the cats he grew up with and to start sleeping in their bed again; 

2. Not to meow after midnight;

3. Not to lick Priceless (the semi longhaired Ragdoll) so much that he gets hairballs from the long hair;

4. To stop hiding under the Round Table whenever anyone comes to visit.

PRICELESS the Ragdoll resolves:

1. To remember he is still young and join the kittens when they run their morning laps; 

2. To keep on lying on his humans' pillows and purring them to sleep;

3. Not to rub against his humans when they are wearing black and just about to leave the house;

4. To remember that his female human is very short and not to jump up on the high bookcase and expect her to stand on tiptoes and pet him.

SEAL the Sealpoint Siamese resolves: 

1. Not to squeal between the hours of midnight and 6AM unless he has a specific reason;

2. To stop scratching his ears; 

3. To retract his claws when he puts his paws up to his humans' faces to encourage them to pay attention to him;

4. To stop being jealous and insisting on stepping between his humans and any other cat they might be petting;

5. Not to insist on playing "fetch" with the plastic spoon at 5 AM.

LYNX the Lynxpoint Siamese resolves: 

1. To stay for more than five minutes at a time when people pet him; 

2. Not to jump into bed with wet paws when he's been in his box or at his drinking water;

3. Not to scratch his humans when he is sleeping on or near their feet and they dare to move;

4. Not to disappear for more than three hours at a time.

SEAL AND LYNX also resolve: to start their morning lap running sessions no earlier than 6AM and to plan their route so as to avoid supine humans, breakable objects, and anything that might be wet. 

SEAL and LYNX also resolve not to run out of the door of the apartment when their female human is late to work.

Another joint resolution of SEAL and LYNX: We resolve not to stand on top of the file cabinet near the door and risk our necks by sticking our heads into the doorway when our humans open or close the door.

Debbie, their Human, adds: ‘The only one I think they'll actually keep is Priceless' resolution to keep on purring us to sleep on our pillow.  The rest will probably go the way of human resolutions!’

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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