Biskit and friendI’ve not witnessed any of my close siblings pass yet. Holly and Daisy are a few years older than me but we are all in reasonable nick. When I was pounding the mean streets of north Worcester, it was a different story. You didn’t last too long as a feral, living on mice and rats, the odd bird, an occasional rabbit, food scraps, and stuff out of bins was nearly as bad as your GMO based diet.

The worst thing about it was having to be alert, like a runner waiting for the starting pistol. On standby as it were. Forcibly “moved on”, having your “kill” stolen, putting up with the weather and the BBC. Stressful. Stress kills us and it kills you. But we know one of the reasons you love us so much is that our purrs and affection has the opposite effect. We also know how much we are missed when we do pass, hopefully when our time is right, in our natural sleep.

My keeper has had many close bonds with my wider circle of siblings in his lifetime. When we go, grieving on your part is natural; tears and sorrow are part of life on the earth plane. And we cats, like you humans, all have different experiences.

Can you bring to mind a loved cat who has passed? Where is his/her image in space? Near or far? Bright or dull? Colour or black and white? Let the image grow brighter, bigger and more vivid, then, take your time, let the image move slowly into your heart. And keep it there. Keep your treasured pet in your heart. If s/he is already there, let good feelings be stronger, add all the good memories to what you are now sensing. If you can hear any sounds, turn them up. If your pet could say anything to you, what would it be?

In “Nosso Lar” [our home] there is no time. Yes, we will be waiting for you to join us, but we are just now on the other side of the “veil.” We are different, but the same. We love you and that never dies. Only if you want it to.

Some of your people tell you we are part of a “collective soul” whatever that means. As if we dissolve into a whirling sea of every imaginable non-human sentient being. I was around at the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt, and after the famous deluge which transformed the earth, I’ve had a few more incarnations since. You have been told you are all sparks of God. God is in everything. S/he is in us too therefore. If all things are possible-they are-it’s clear we don’t “go” anywhere after we pass, we just let go of the furry body in the way you knew it. The same with you lot. And I reckon some of you were glad to let go of yours!

It’s hard. There is no obvious substitute for the purring, warm, loving, meowing, snotting, licking bundle of delight we cats are. Your world is driven by your five senses. How can you not miss us?

So, my lovelies, all I can offer you is to remind you after passing we are just somewhere else, in a place unbounded by space and time, closer to the Great Cat, free of stress, free of any “problems” we had. If you didn’t miss us, you would never have loved us.

We will always love you, for love is the essence of life, the essence of the universe. Love is all.

I love catnip, but my keeper has banned it, as I lose the plot when it’s around. That old sensory overload again, and I don’t like being called a hypoc [r] at. Maybe I could run for Prime Mincer…

Love, Biskit.

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