Gabes and the basketsThe cat carriers were out. We were about to go and have out annual moggy-MOT's and vaccinations at the vet's surgery. Except Gabion. He took one look at them then decided that he wasn't going.

He was, as usual, being naughty. He scampered over the carriers and then made a dash for the garden. I finished washing my whiskers as the human called and called him to come back in while the vet's appointment time got closer. I stood up, shook my fur and went out to wrangle him in.

He had his harness on so was easy to track down, the sound of the bell gave him away. I cornered him, licked him between his ears to calm him down, then asked him what did he think he was playing at? He knows we all have to go and see the vet each year.

Licking Gabes between the earsGabion replied that if his human loved him, really loved him then she wouldn't make him go to the vets for his jabs.

I rolled my eyes. Gabion can be sooooo stupid. I told him that the very fact that we go to see the vet each year means that we are very loved and cared for. Our human makes sure we are healthy, and vaccinations keep us free from disease, and the vet gives us a moggy-MOT while we are there to make sure we are all healthy.

He looked at me quizzically, as we both went back into the house and settled on the chair, so that I could tell him my story.

Before I came to Tom Cat Towers I was not loved. I never had vaccinations, no moggy-MOT and I was not neutered. I was simply homeless, a stray, an unwanted grubby street cat that just about survived out in the wild. This meant that I ended up pregnant with a clutch of kittens about to make my life more complicated.

Gabes inspects my tummyThankfully, at this stage, a cat charity took me in, cleaned me up, vaccinated me and neutered me. I showed Gabion my scar on my tummy and he was fascinated. My kittens were homed, and I went to live with an old lady who loved me. She would not let me outside, so I grew fatter and fatter, as I was spoiled and loved.

Sadly, after a couple of years, she went to hospital. For weeks I sat sadly at the kitchen window waiting for her to come home. But she didn't. Each day I was fed by another lady who came round for ten minutes to make sure I was alright. The old lady died, so the other lady took me home to be part of her family at Tom Cat Towers, and that is where I am now, living with Gabion and Reggie where we are all very loved.

Part of being very loved means having to have vaccinations to keep us healthy.

So, when the cat carriers come out, we get vaccinated and when we get back it's time for Christmas. The twinkly tree will be up, lots of pressies, the excitement of Santa Paws, fabulous food and a warm house plus a human to love.

Gabes and Chav Cat stare into each others eyesSo, having a small jab is a small price to pay. I stared deeply into Gabion's eyes, to let him know that it means we are very loved, wanted and cared for. Gabion rolled over and I licked him between the ears.

He sighed. He knew I was right as our human loaded us into our carriers. What's more, he knew that when we got back home later in the afternoon, Christmas would have arrived at Tom Cat Towers, and there would be lots of treats waiting for us to enjoy.



A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.