There’s been a lot of activity in our house just lately.  The postman knocks nearly every day and gives Mum boxes or parcels of varying sizes.  He looks flustered, poor chap.  And then there are the other knocks on the door from other people delivering more parcels and packages.  I suppose I should be excited about all this but I’m not entirely sure what it’s all in aid of.

Mum looked at the calendar the other day and squealed: “OMC, there’s only a couple of weeks to Christmas!” and then she sat down at the dining table and wrote lists galore.  Food lists, presents lists, card lists, and then a list of things she had to do.  Mum likes lists.

You humans do go overboard about Christmas, you know.  If Christmas was left in our capable paws it would be a much simpler affair.  No frazzled frowns, no sleepless nights – when have you ever known of a cat to have a sleepless anything, let alone a sleepless night! - and certainly no debt.  We cats don’t believe in getting into debt and we wonder why humans allow themselves to overstretch their finances to such an extent that they’re paying for it all throughout the following year, only to do it all over again when Christmas comes round again.

wanna be a present for my mumMum is no different to many of you, although she doesn’t get into debt – she doesn’t have two halfpennies to rub together at the best of times – but she does give, what she hopes, are thoughtful presents.  Gibbs and I were discussing our contribution towards Christmas dinner and we decided we’d get Mum a couple of mice, one for her and one for ‘Dad’.  We think that our offering, however small and simple, will help with the finances and will take an enormous load off her mind.  Of course, we might be the beneficiaries of our kind gift as we might get any leftovers – assuming there are any!

We might leave these in her slippers because apparently, that’s what Christmas is all about – the surprise presents that no one expected.  Think of the joy on Mum’s face when she wakes up on Christmas morning, all bleary-eyed and sleepy, as she puts her cold toes into those slippers.  I’m almost twisting my whiskers in anticipation.  I know Gibbs can barely contain his excitement.   He keeps running up to Mum as if he’s about to spill the beans, and then he remembers that it’s going to be a surprise and is a secret so he runs away again.  Mum just thinks he’s having his mad half hour – although they seem to last all day sometimes.

Whatever you decide to give your human family for Christmas, don’t forget to look as surprised as they will, so that any paw of suspicion doesn’t fall on your shoulders.  And do let Gibbs and I know what you got your people.  We’d love to know.

Till the next time

Love Casey xxx




Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)