Hi everyone.

Gibbs trying out the new clubhouseIt’s been so hot here that our human ‘Dad’ made us a wonderful present.  ‘Course, we didn’t know it was for us and we didn’t know what we were s’posed to do with it.  But Gibbs cottoned on pretty quickly – he stretched out along the length of it while Mum took pictures.  There’s a space underneath where it’s cool and shady and before long we both found it was a good place to hide and pounce on Clive – next door’s cat – when he least expected us to.

Gibbs in the 'clubhouse'Mum said it was our very own ‘club house’ and we can do what we like in it.  It’s strong enough for humans to sit on if they want to but we take turns lying on the top or stretched out underneath it. 

The garden is an ongoing project which Mum does every now and then when her back lets her.  We watch her planting things and then standing up all wonky until her back straightens out.  We don’t laugh because aches and pains are not nice for anyone to deal with and that’s why we cats are sent to you humans – to look after you when you’re not well.

The other day Mum had a nasty turn and the bucket lived in the front room for the day with Mum leaning over it every now and then making funny noises. I looked into the bucket to see what she had been doing and wished I hadn’t, to be quite frank with you.  However, I didn’t leave Mum’s side and I kept looking at her while she had her eyes closed and her face was a very funny colour.

I even got on her lap – something I rarely do – and padded all over her tummy which I’m sure helped her no end as she would lean over the bucket each time I did that.  It was obviously the absolutely right thing to do but it was a noisy end to all my hard work, I might add.

Casey on the 'clubhouse'Going back to our club house, we’ve been spending nearly every day in the garden from breakfast to dinner time, and then most of the evening. The house is hot and it is cooler sometimes in the garden.  Plus, it’s so busy with bees buzzing in and out of all the new plants Mum’s put in, butterflies flitting here and there and other flying insects which Gibbs and I half-heartedly attempt to catch.  Of course, we miss virtually every time but we look at each other and pretend we meant to do that.  

Gibbs and Casey near their new 'clubhouse'It’s cracking up to be a great summer here in the UK.  We hope that wherever you live, you’re having fun too.  But stay safe and watch out that bees don’t sting you.  Don’t try to eat them because they pack a nasty surprise which might take you to see your vet – and we all hate going there, don’t we.

Till next time.

Casey and Gibbs


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