Casey and GibbsDear friends, you’ll never guess what has happened here at my house, in my toybox on my toys? Give up? Yes, I thought you’d never guess, so let me tell you.

Gibbs – he’s the little cat who looks just like me and he pops in every day for a couple of sachets of cat food and a quick wrestle – alerted to me the fact that something was amiss with my toybox.  It’s not really a box; it’s more of a plastic basket but it had all my catnip toys in.  Some of these toys Mum bought for me and some were sent by very kind people.

I went to the toybox with Gibbs and we peered inside.  EWWWW. Stinkums and then some.  We ran to tell Mum.  She was in the bathroom at the time and our bathroom is quite small so there were a lot of legs and not much room.  Eventually she finished what she was doing and she followed us to the toybox. She wrinkled her nose and then went to the cupboard to get a plastic bag.  She carefully lifted up each sodden toy and put it in the bag and then tied the bag up and wrapped it in ANOTHER bag and then put it in our main kitchen bin.

Then she carefully picked up the toybox and carried it to the sink where she poured hot water from the kettle into it.  I thought she was going to make a cappuccino as she’s always drinking those. ‘What a time to make a coffee,’ I thought to myself when we’ve got huge stinkums to deal with.  But she emptied all the water from the kettle into the toybox and left it in the sink.

She looked at me.  She knew I wouldn’t wee on my own toys.  I may not play with them much but they’re nice to get out now and then.  Gibbs often goes to the toybox and gets a catnip something or other out and licks it half to death before leaving it in a crumpled soggy mess on the floor.  So Mum knew it was neither of us that did the crime.

George peeing in one of my boxesThat left one person. George the Rotund!  He’s the Pee-er in boxes you’ll recall and he’s peed in all my boxes.  We didn’t know he’d transferred his peeing preferences to toyboxes.  Mum was very cross but then she said we had to be kind to George as he’s got something called ‘Special Circumstances’ he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Turn the other whisker, that kind of thing.  Bit like me when I’m mid-wrestle with Gibbs and his dangly bits are in my face.  His ‘people’ haven’t had him ‘done’ yet so they do tend to get in the way when we’re wrestling.  They’re the last things you want slapping you in the face when you’re having a hearty wrestle but Gibbs doesn’t seem to notice them.  Mind you, they’re quite large so they’re hard to miss, to be perfectly honest.

Mum finally washed the toybox and cleaned it all up so it smells better than George’s deposit but it’s empty.  Santa Paws is coming in a few sleeps time so I’m hoping he’ll bring me some new catnip toys.  I’ve only got fish blob left. Mum made him for me but Gibbs loves him too, so at the moment, he’s all crinkled and mangled from Gibbs’ over-lickyness.

Whatever Santa Paws brings you, remember that there are some of our brothers and sisters that do not have homes or like George, they might have ‘Special Circumstances’ which means life is difficult for them.  Turn the other whisker.  After all, it is the season of good will to all and that includes the Stinkums’ Specialist – George.

Purry Christmas everyone and a Meowy Mew Year to all.

Love Casey xxxx 

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson