Mum puts on something called ‘make up’ most days.  It’s not a lot and she looks quite nice with it, but she also looks nice without it.  I don’t mind.  She doesn’t put it on the second she gets up though.  She has to wait, she says, for her face to find itself and settle into the day.  This can take time, depending on how wilful her face is or how rebellious it’s feeling.  Some days Mum goes au naturel and gives her face a break.  I’m sure her face is grateful but it doesn’t give much away on that score.  And sometimes if she’s going out somewhere with ‘Dad’ she will put on a bit more to emphasise her features. 

Humans go to a lot of trouble to make a good impression and there is no need really.  You just need to be yourselves.  Cats just give their whiskers a good clean to make sure that there aren’t any particles of the last meal left on them and they have a good spruce up of the nether regions. It’s de rigueur to have spotless nethers and it’s a habit that humans would do well to adopt, to be frank. And then we have a good lick all over just to smooth our fur and get out any debris that may be lurking there.  Job done.

You won’t see a cat with make up on.  We don’t need it.  Many tabby cats like me, for example, have the kohl-look eyes anyway where it looks as if we’ve deliberately painted around our eyes.  This goes back to Egyptian times and if you look at pictures of the Pharaohs you’ll see they all have our look.  Of course, they emulated us – we were the trendsetters of the time.      

However it did come to my attention recently, and I was horrified to hear of this, that some poor rabbits have mascara deliberately put on their eyelashes to test the product’s suitability for use on humans.  As rabbits wouldn’t normally wear mascara I question the validity of such a gross act of human indecency.  Why should an innocent animal suffer just so that someone can look nice with longer eyelashes? So can I ask you two things: will you please sign the petition below and will you choose your make up carefully, making sure that it wasn’t tested on animals first? Thank you.

Pictures of cosmetic testing on animals

I did have a thought but probably it will not be received well because of ‘human rights’ but why not test all these nasty things on the prisoners on Death Row?  They’re not going anywhere and as far as I’m concerned what they did to put them where they are, they’ve forfeited their ‘human’ rights. 

Till the next time,


Be Cruelty Free


A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure