This Home Page Message will be short and sweet.  THANK YOU!  That’s it!!!  Thank you to everyone who donated via the JustGiving page; or who sent me cheques in the post or gave me cash.  The total, when everything had been counted, came to an amazing £740 and odd pence.  That is AWESOME, people, thank you so much.

me -with 1 centimetre of hairMy hair is about a centimetre long but I actually like it like this.  I’m thinking of all the benefits in not growing it longer – I’m saving on electricity by not using my hairdryer or straighteners and I use a fraction of the shampoo and conditioner that I would normally use – so win-win all round.

I don’t know how much was raised overall for Macmillan Cancer Support but I would imagine that it’s a pretty amazing amount; all of which will go to support not only people who are living with cancer now, but their families also.  Thank you again, everyone.   

Casey and Gibbs don’t seem fazed by my appearance.  If there is food in their bowls and a lap available for Gibbs when he’s watching television, I think they wouldn’t care what I looked like!  Casey doesn’t ‘do’ laps; he’ll sit next to me or very close – as close as he feels comfortable with – and occasionally, he’ll use my lap as a stepping stone to get to the ottoman so that he can look out of the window.

I’m just looking out of the window now at the beautiful sunset.  It’s nearly 6.00pm and the sky is ablaze with pink tendrils streaking across it, bathing the rooftops in a golden glow.  It is beautiful – breathtakingly so.

Till the next time, keep safe, and warm.  And keep those kitties and doggies indoors during Halloween and the fireworks.

Pauline xxx

The Very Best Toy for Cats

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Stephen Baker

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