This is a magical Christmas story for young and old,

It’s a delightful little tale that I’ve just been told. 

There’s another visitor who works every Christmas night,

To the animals of the world - he brings true joy and delight.

He’s also a very good friend of old Santa Claus,

His name, I’ve just learned, is old Christopher Claws.

It seems Santa lives with many creatures at the snowy North Pole,

Some are elves, some are reindeer, and some are very very old.

Santa found Christopher Claws at an animal shelter many many years ago,

Now, on each and every Christmas Eve, in the sled, with Santa, Christopher goes.

While Santa fills the stockings for all the good little girls and boys,

Christopher Claws stuffs other Christmas stockings - with animal toys!

He’s a crafty little fellow – and oh, he’s quite smart,

He will zip through your house – faster than a dart.

He looks for your pets – while they sleep tucked in their beds,

And he sprinkles Christmas dreams – in their furry little heads.

He also knows which pets have been good, and which have been bad,

But his old kitty heart is very mellow; he hates making any animal sad.

So Christopher Claws usually leaves a tiny present or two,

For even a bad little doggie, who chewed up your shoe.

Both Chris and Santa Claus love all of our animal friends,

And to all of them they send Christmas Love without end.

Your pets may soon spot Chris Claws on this snowy Christmas night,

If they do, their tiny hearts will soon be filled with excitement and delight!

So please leave out some homemade snacks for old Santa Claus,

But don’t forget a little catnip cookie for old Christopher Claws.

They both get very hungry as they make their rounds,

They have to visit so many houses and animal pounds.

And don’t forget to buy your pet a little something for Christmas, too,

A little toy, a little bone, or maybe something very yummy to chew.

And please remember most of all, everyone, wherever you may be,

Be nice to animals – whether you’re four-years old or ninety-three.

Both Santa and Christopher Claws are Watching You,

But now they’re flying off – and heading for the Zoo.

“Merry Merry Christmas!” Santa shouts, as they dash off into the night,

“HO HO HO!” and “Merry Merry Meow!” adds Chris Claws with delight!


©2004, Excerpt from Christmas Tails, A Book in Progress of Animal Poems for Young and Old, by Ed Kostro

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One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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