Dezi, Raena and Angel LexiDezi: MeOW. It’s Christmas time once again. Me loves Christmas. It’s probably me’s favourite holiday. Well, besides me’s birthday of course.

Raena: I’s love Christmas too, sissy. I’s barely remember mine’s first Christmas, but I’s just know it’s gonna be great. 

Dezi:It is Raena. Altho’ it’s a bit bittersweet fur mommy. This will be our second Christmas without sis Lexi. Me still misses her so much, so me knows mommy must be really sad. 

Raena: Really sissy? Ya’ know, we’d never know it. Mommy loves us so much, she’d never do anything to make Christmas any less fun fur us. We are so very blest to have such a wonderful and loving mommy. 

Dezi: That we are Raena, that we are. Ya’ know, fur the last several years we’ve written letters to this Santa Paws that everybody talks about. He’s supposed to grant wishes and bring gifts to all those who’ve not been naughty, but nice. And every year me asks him to bring forever homes fur all those kitties waiting in shelters and rescues alike. But alas, it seems every year many kitties are still in the shelters come the new year. And what’s even worse, is that new kitties show up after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, because they turned out not to be the gift some wanted. 

Raena lays on cat treeRaena: Mommy says they also get turned in because they aren’t purrfect by some peeps definitions. I’s so thanky thankful mommy knows the real definition of purrfect. She says all kitties are purrfect. 

Dezi: Yes Raena, she does. And, with just a few tips, we think those kitties who are blest enough to find a forever home could keep it. First and foremost, DON’T, and we mean like, EVER, get someone a surprise gift of a living breathing kitty. Make sure your recipient actually wants a kitty. Better yet, take them with you to the shelters so they can make friends and choose their own kitty. 

Raena: Oh sissy, that’s a good one. I’s have one too. Secondly, make sure you have the proper supplies to help kitty adjust and be purrfect in their new home. Mommy says, if you don’t set up kitty to fail, he/she won’t, and they’ll be purrfect. So, you’ll need a new litterbox with fresh unscented litter, a nice wide food bowl and water dish, and maybe even a fountain (provide both until you know kitty will drink from the fountain). You’ll also need a couple of scratchers. Not all kitties like to scratch the same way or even the same thing. If you want to make sure kitty doesn’t scratch up the furniture, provide a sisal scratcher, one of corrugated cardboard and one of carpet. Make sure they are sturdy. You’ll also want to have one fur a vertical scratching kitty and one fur the horizontal scratcher. Us kitties can be picky, but mommy says it makes us charming. A good quality food is a must. It’s preferable to feed kitty wet or raw food. Us kitties don’t drink enough water as it is, so we need all the moisture we can get to avoid those pawful Urinary Tract Infections. We don’t want to pee on the carpet any more than you want us too. You can check out our Service Cat Monday (  posts on our blog fur Training Tips and to learn about the intricacies of Feline behaviour. 

Dezi gets a loving selfie from the arm chairDezi: Fur such a young’un, you sure are smart Raena. Those are great tips. A new owner should also have a few toys available. Any kitty over the age of 6 months would really like a good catnip toy. Remember, kittens under the age of 6 months generally aren’t affected by catnip. (there’s an exception to every rule). Cats play to hone hunting skills. And even tho’ you’ll be providing kitty all the nutritional needs, we still have the need to pretend we’re great hunters in the wild. Don’t expect kitty to be a social butterfly the minute you bring them home. A nice “Decompression Room” ( might be in order, especially if the Christmas Festivities are still going strong at your place. And don’t feed kitty any of the Christmas dinner without first checking what ingredients are safe. Mommy likes to keep the number fur Poison Control close by. Here it is, ya’ might wanna write it down: 888-426-4435 (U.S.).

Raena: MeOW Sissy, together, we make a great team. I’s sure hope and pray lots of kitties find their furevers this year. And I’s sure hope our tips can make a difference and keep kitties with their families. You know, we kitties think, we feel, we understand and we get confused. Mommy says a kitty is like a perpetual baby. If you’re not prepared to take care of us for the rest of our lives (possibly 18 – 20 years), then get a stuffed kitty who can’t feel, who doesn’t rely on you and who can’t wonder what we did wrong. Mommy always says, you don’t take your baby back to hospital when it isn’t purrfect and you shouldn’t give up on us either.

Dezi:That’s right Raena. All we want is to be loved. And in return, we’ll love you and be devoted to you, no matter what. Rich or poor, beautiful or the ugly duckling, we don’t care. When you speak our name, it’s the most beautiful song we’ve ever heard. When you rub our furs or scratch our chin and ears, fur us, it’s the touch of angels. When you tell us you love us, it’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard and rewarded with purrs of joy. You are our everything, and we just want to be a small piece of your heart. 

Mommy A: Dezi, Raena, girls, ya’ll have done a wonderful job. I would expect no less from the two most beautiful and purrfect girls in the universe. I join the girls in praying that all kitties in need find their loving furevers. But, I implore you, don’t take pet guardianship lightly. It’s a lifelong commitment, at least it should be. No cat acts up out of spite. If your kitty has undesirable behaviours, there’s a logical reason. Make sure kitty is medically healthy, and then train kitty to behave appropriately. Set kitty up for success and kitty will never fail. As the girls said, we offer Training Tips every Monday on our blog and are here to answer your questions. There is no stupid question except the one not asked.

Dezi & Raena: Thanks mommy. We love you very much. And, we love all of you. We wish you all the Merriest and most Blest Christmas ever. We pray the New Year brings you joy and happiness and blessings like never before. Thank you for your friendship, readership and love.

Till the next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Love and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee, RaenaBelle and mommy A

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