Lexi: Hello, we hope you all had a great holiday season. We sure did. We were visited by a few Angel Cats from sis Dezi's Cat Scout group and a few other friends as well. They sent some really pawsome gifts and made our Christmas even more purrfect. So we thought long and hard about what to write this month and decided we would kind of go along with the theme of the season and write about...LOVE. Love is a four letter word. Here in the U.S. when people refer to a four letter word they're talking about bad words. But we want to focus on the good four letter word. Recently the Blogosphere celebrated National Answer Your Cats Question Day and we opened our blog for questions from our friends and readers. We got a lot of great questions, but nobody asked anything too deep or thought provoking. Which was fine because it was really all in fun.

Dezi: It was great fun sissy, but we were surprised that we didn't get asked more questions about us being Service cats or mommy’s disability. As we read the posts made by our friends a lot of them asked why they were chosen by their humans instead of one of their litter mates or another kitty in the shelter. Most of the answers were very heart-warming as the main reason given was...LOVE. 

Lexi: Yep Dezi that's right. And as you all know if you've read our previous articles, blog posts or Facebook posts that Dezi and me picked mommy instead of the other way around. I entered mommy's life when I was only a few minutes old and couldn't hear or see. I could only smell and feel. And by the time my eyes and ears opened I had already fallen in love with mommy and decided I wanted to be with her forever. But that didn't stop her taking me to adoption events and featuring me as a kitty in need of a forever home. So did that mean she didn't love me? And just what exactly is Love? I knew that when she held me and played with me and talked with me she loved me, so why then would she try to find another home for me? So I asked her, and this is what she said. 

Mommy: "My dear, sweet, beautiful Lexi dear. I loved you from the start. I knew you were special from the very beginning. You fought so hard to live and survive. And when it was time for you to eat (every 2 hours) you would rather cuddle up in my hands and arms than take the bottle. From the first time I held you I knew you had a huge heart filled with love. And I thought I loved you enough to let you go. I already had two kitties of my own and was living on such a small income that I knew I couldn't give you everything you deserved. I wanted you to have everything that money could buy. For a short time I forgot the greatest and most precious thing that you needed, and that was Love.

I remember the day that I got the application to adopt you. And I remember how my heart sank in my chest and panic overtook me. You see, you are a very dark coloured cat and that was supposed to make you un-adoptable. So I never thought someone would actually try to take you from me. I remember the rescue group I volunteered with and that was paying your vet bills at the time, didn't want me to take you in because of that. But I fought them and they relented. When the application came in they were thrilled and told me that the prospective adopters would be perfect and that their background check came back with glowing recommendations. And suddenly I had to imagine my life without you. And that's when I remembered that all you really needed was LOVE. I might not be able to provide you with every material thing that a kitty could want, but nobody would ever love you as much as I did.

And at that moment you jumped into my lap and curled up and started purring just like you did the very first time I held you. And you looked up at me with your big beautiful green eyes and it was settled. I called the groups' treasurer and president and told them that you would be staying with me forever and that I would be taking care of you from now on. You my sweet, are a part of my heart and nothing and no one will ever take you from me or me from you. Not even death can part us. That's what Love is."

Lexi: Oh mommy you have always given me a purrfect life. I've always had a full belly, a warm place to sleep, toys to play with and so much Love. I couldn't have asked for a better home and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere but with you. Thank you for deciding to keep me. And thank you for your Love. 

Mommy: Oh Lexi you don't have to thank me for doing what comes so easy, instead I Thank You. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy. And thank you for your unconditional Love. And thank you for working so hard to help me and for sharing me with Deztinee. Just like every day is Christmas here because we are so blest, every day is also Valentine’s day. Because we have so much Love between us. We have enough to share with all our friends and readers. 

Dezi: Yep mommy we do have a lot of Love to give. And sissy, me wants to thank you for sharing mommy too. Me knows that sometimes you wish it was just the two of you, but you're always patient with me and let me know that you love me too. And me could not have asked for a better big sissy than you. We do have the purrfect life. 

Lexi: Yes we do Dezi. Remember as Valentine's Day approaches that you should tell those special peeps and anipals in your life how much you love them each and every day. You don't need a holiday to show someone/anipal how much you love them or how much you care. Love doesn't cost a thing. But when it's given to another, it's priceless. Thanks for being a part of our family and sharing your love with us. We really do Love all of you.

Dezi: We sure do. Till the next time..............Be Blest!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra



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