Hello Timmy, I have had a bit of excitement since I last spoke to you and I'd like to share it with you. Hope you are relaxed and sitting comfortably.

One morning I was fast asleep snuggled between mummy and daddy on the bed when I heard a strange noise. At first I thought it was rain so didn't take too much notice, then I realised it was VERY LOUD! So I did a big stretch, jumped off the bed and strolled into the kitchen to investigate.

Well, the noise definitely came from there as I could hear dripping sounds. Some of the water was on the floor and my feet got all wet!

I dashed into the bedroom and jumped on daddy ... he shrugged me off so I climbed onto mummy. She stroked me and tried to snuggle me down again, but I was having none of it! I knew there was a problem, so I meowed and kept paddling on her chest to make her wake up!

'Please mummy, wake up the kitchen's all wet', I kept saying and in the end she woke up and went into the lounge and opened the patio door to let me go for a walk. I could hear her mumbling 'Good morning Penny, oh dear, it's raining again,'

Then she went into the kitchen to feed me, thinking I wanted food. She saw that the kitchen had been flooded and she was really upset, but didn't want to wake daddy as he'd been working until 2am. This was about 6am so he hadn't had much sleep by the time he'd settled down. She realised that the lady who lives in the upstairs flat, had flooded the place AGAIN! (She had bought a new sink, which didn’t have an overflow, and the tap had been dripping all weekend) The water was pouring down the window from the ceiling, onto the work surface and trickling onto the floor where it was like a mini waterfall!

Eventually daddy woke up and helped mummy to clean up. When they had finished mummy gave me a big soppy hug and kiss and told me I was her 'wonderful watchdog'! Well, really! ME a watchdog... I don't even like dogs! Daddy said I was his best little girl in the whole wide world and it made me feel all lovely and warm and fuzzy inside!! I do love my mummy and daddy!

So, that's all I have to tell you for now, I don't fancy too many exciting times like that...especially when I got my feet wet! Ugh! Give my love to your mummy and all the boys.

Penny xoxoxo

Kent (UK)

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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