Hi All!
My name is Pookie, AKA The One-Eyed Pirate of Love, AKA Captain Big Eye!
As you have probably guessed or noticed by now, I only have one eye, but that doesn't slow me down one bit, not even a teeny tiny speck of a bit! I'm fifteen years old, though everybody says I look more like a kittenish five, (I guess I have good genes) and I play like a kitten too!
I'm actually a rescue kitty, quite literally. A family dog found me mewing in some bushes near the house. I must have wandered from my birth Mama. She was probably a farm cat because we live in the countryside.

It's unclear whether the doggy intended to eat me or save me, hehe, but either way I was brought into the house to safety. At first my human Mama wasn't even going to keep me!!! There were so many other pets in the house that the original plan was to give me up. I was even advertised to a good home, but with each day Mama fell more and more in love with me, until she eventually admitted to herself that she couldn't possibly give me up (Well, of course, duh!!!).

At that stage I still had two eyes, yes a whole two eyes all to myself, can you believe that? I was a very active kitty, always hunting and fighting. I worried Mama sick when I was younger, and yes one day I came home with a bad eye injury when I was about five. So I had to go to the v-e-t-s *shudder.*

They gave me antibiotic drops, because the eye had quickly become infected. It would clear up temporarily, but as soon as the weather got cold or windy the infection would flare up again, and Mama and I would have HUGE battles about eye drops and medications, I would even go and hide in the forest next door to avoid getting my eye cleaned because it was so painful, but Mama would always find me. Sometimes I would hide out for days, with Mama finding me, carrying me home and feeding me every day, only for me to run back out again.

We tried everything to save the eye for a few years, until one day a few years ago, Mama decided it was time. I was getting older and she didn't want me fighting infections constantly as I aged, so she took me to the v-e-t man and he stole my eyeball ... I mean he surgically removed it.

I healed well, although it was a traumatic time for Mama and me, lots of cleaning and medications, which I HATE, and return visits to the v-e-t-s. Eventually, though, I got better, and it didn't take me long to adjust to only having one eye! In fact I was much happier without it because I was pain-free! I soon began playing like a kitten again. Very occasionally I will bump into something on the no-eye side, but that's about it!

So there you have it! That the story of how I lost my eye and regained happiness!

Pookie is on Twitter and you can contact him here: @pookiemaclpi


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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