We’ve always had cats as a home is just a house without one to give it a heart.

First, there was Moppie Loves Dragon, or Mummy Moppie, wise, loving and fierce. Then there was NickyNoonie, just a big love ball, who used to sit in front of the oven waiting for her lamb to cook. Mummy Moppie was 19 when she went to the ‘millions of years’, loving and loyal to the end, she held on not wanting to go and leave us as she didn’t know she never would do so.

Then poor NickyNoonie, placed with MSPCA (Manx Society for the Protection of Animals) to be re-homed at 9 years old and whom we took in. Poor Nicky lost her sight and started losing her mind as well, but her loving heart was always there. She had a massive stroke that took her to the ‘millions of years’ while we were away in Egypt, or Holy Kemet as we call it.

The thought of going to an empty home rather than picking up NickyNoonie from the cattery was just too much and I thought it was only right that we gave another soul a home and it would help us. As it was Wednesday, we knew the MSPCA would be open so on our way home, so we called in there. We went along all the cages and none of the cats appealed to us or none wanted us which is more important, as your cat chooses you not you choose them.

There was one pen that had a sign on but no cat so I asked about her and was told she was very timid, but I said get her out and we’ll see her. So the lady went and got this beautiful young kitty and much to her surprise, Ziggy as she was then called took one looked at me and raised her head and gave me a “kiss” and she allowed Aly (my wife) to hold her.

The lady really couldn’t believe what she saw, but we knew then it was the start of our love story. We told the lady that we would have her if we could which the lady said as we were known to them there shouldn’t a problem and after the vet had checked her out and she’d been microchipped, we could take her.

As we were leaving we were told of her background how she had come in with other cats and had been re-homed only to be returned again as the people who took her said she was too nervy for them. Then another couple had taken her and found the same problem and returned her. It seemed as if this was her last chance and she was just two years old! On the way out, we said by the way she’ll be called Isis from now on, after the Holy Mother Isis.  So that is how we came to have our wonderful soul friend.

As much as I loved them both, I knew that Moppie Loves Dragon was Aly’s cat and NickyNoonie loved our son Darren. She would be waiting for him to come even before we knew he was on his way to us and while he was with us she stuck to him like glue.  With Isis I know I am her slave she is my mistress and my girl!

When we got Isis home for the first week all she did was lay on the bed and we just left her to do so, taking her food to her, talking to her and making sure her little tray was there for her close by. Then we took her downstairs into the kitchen, so she could eat, but all she did was lay her bed after a few mouthfuls and look around nervously. All this time we kept calling her Isis Kitty and telling her it was her name and she was safe now.

One day, after Aly had gone to work and I had been upstairs in the office doing some work, I went down to the kitchen and found that Isis had disappeared. So I dashed around the home looking for her but couldn’t find her. Thinking she might have somehow got out I went around the neighbourhood, but nothing.

When Aly came home we again searched the neighbourhood and called the MSPCA and other local rescue people in the hope that she’d been found. Nothing! So we said we’d have a bit to eat and then look again. We were just about to put the gas on when Aly asked if I could hear a noise that was coming from the cooker hood.

I said yes, and there it was again. I don’t know why but Aly decided to take a look to see if anything has fallen in. Nothing had fallen in but a kitty was hiding in there!  After great big loves she settled down and eventually we let her out. She always returned home, but being nervous would hide, something she still does, so when she didn’t one night we called and called her.

Being very nosey we thought she might have got stuck somewhere, but when she didn’t return we got worried. All through the night there was no sign of her and at 1am we went to bed, but before we did, we asked for Holy Mother Isis to help our little soul mate come home, as incredible as this will sound, within an hour she had found her way home and was loved to pieces and from that day she seemed to settle down with us.

Two more things I want to mention: when we moved we did what we thought was the right thing and that was to put her in a carry box and I went to the other house and waited while all our stuff was brought. This was the wrong thing with her as she became so very nervous because I wasn’t there, and once in the new home she ran upstairs, hid under the bed covers and weed on the bed! So when we moved again, this time we sat her on my lap not in a box and she had a good time looking around at everything and when she arrived she just had a bite to eat and went to sleep.

So we learnt that if her human mum and dad were there she was ok and quite happy.  The other thing is that we realised that if there are boxes around, she associates that with her being taken away and at certain times of the year she still gets anxious (although this is less and less now) until the time has passed and she knows she is going nowhere.

Since we got Isis in 2006 I have gone through a lot. Firstly I had my thyroid became over-active which meant I was often very hyper and bad tempered, but with her big eyes and purrs Isis could calm me down.

When it was discovered that I had a cancerous growth on my one remaining thyroid gland she was there to give me loves. I was scared and she knew it and would just come and lie beside me and get me to pet her.

Then I had a breakdown which had built up as the result of years of abuse. Isis knew that her dad wasn’t quite right and kept away from me. She knew I would never hurt her, but with her wisdom, she came to me while I cried and she would purr me to sleep after my counselling sessions.

Now finally, after getting the flu I developed M.E. (CFS) which means at times I really can’t do anything, again Isis is here. It is dad who gets up to feed her, dad who gives her breakfast, dinner and tea. As frustrating as it is sometimes when I really don’t have the energy to do things I still have to look out for Isis because she has needs. I have a routine which does stop me from doing nothing which is what many people with M.E. fall into that trap of not doing.

When Aly became ill, firstly with a gall bladder infection and then with stroke, Isis would just lay with her purring and we all know there is magic in a cat’s purrs. Aly sometimes has problems sleeping, but Isis can relax her and get her sleeping within ten minutes.

So from a shy nervous kitty we have now a bossy boots who does rule us and we are her slaves. She tells us when to get up and when to go to bed and if we don’t obey her then she gives us black disapproving look!  She talks to us and we know who is she is talking to because there is a different meow for Mum and another for Dad along with others for food and out etc.

When she is given jobs to do, like look after home and dad, she does them, admittedly sometimes sleeping but she is doing them in her own inimitable Isis style! The very funny thing is that if we tell her to look after the fishes, she just gives them black looks. It has been a real delight to see her character come through.

Isis taught me how to love; yes, I believe that she did, because she loved me unconditionally and showed me that it was ok to do so. She showed me how to trust to be myself and that others would love me as I am. As I had to do things for her even when I was at my worst she taught me never to give up because there is always someone who needs and loves you. I am a far more caring and balanced person because of her, that I do know.

In Isis we have a soul friend, who jealously guards the love she receives, but then after her previous rejections we don’t think any worse of her, the danger of another rejection must always remain within her  heart. What we have is total love in return and the most wonderful Kitty we could have hoped for.

When we look back at what her previous owners missed out on we are sad for them, but happy for us and the fact that we persevered with her and have been rewarded with such love. Too many pets are murdered each year, because of rejection by humans, it is heartbreaking. I really wish that people rather than rushing out and getting a “new” pet would go to their local shelter and give a home to one who really needs it.

Isisis proof that all animals need to have a second, even a third, chance at finding their forever home.


Kev T Brown

Isle of Man, UK

May 28 2013


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